Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final send-off.

It reminded me of a birth but instead of loved ones gathered around to usher in life, they ushered in death.

Yesterday my uncle's immediate family huddled at his bedside in the hospital…one last time. 

My aunt, cousins, his brother and sisters, his grandchildren--even the family dog made an appearance. All the people who were there for him this past year-and-a-half to say their goodbyes.

On my way to work, my aunt called and told me my uncle passed away in his hospital room around 5:30 this morning.

I feel bad for keeping my distance and not taking on an active role towards the end, but my youngest cousin took care of his dad beautifully.

I will miss his heavy Chicago accent, his laugh which was reminiscent of Barney Rubble's, and whenever he'd call me "sunshine".

Rest in peace, Uncle Harry. I love you.


naturgesetz said...

"Sunshine." What a wonderful name for someone to give you.

Eventually, you'll be able to see him again, with all you loved ones in a better world.

Rebecca said...

Hugs sorry for your loss.

Randuwa said...

Condolences, my friend.

This World is not Conclusion

This World is not Conclusion.
A Species stands beyond—
Invisible, as Music—
But positive, as Sound—
It beckons, and it baffles—
Philosophy—don't know—
And through a Riddle, at the last—
Sagacity, must go—
To guess it, puzzles scholars—
To gain it, Men have borne
Contempt of Generations
And Crucifixion, shown—
Faith slips—and laughs, and rallies—
Blushes, if any see—
Plucks at a twig of Evidence—
And asks a Vane, the way—
Much Gesture, from the Pulpit—
Strong Hallelujahs roll—
Narcotics cannot still the Tooth
That nibbles at the soul—

~ Emily Dickinson, 1830 - 1886

Dean Grey said...


My Uncle Harry would often say to me, "Good morning, Sunshine!"




Thank you for that.



Thanks for the lovely poem, Randy.

Emily Dickinson always knew just what to write, didn't she?


Everyone's supportive words are greatly appreciated!