Friday, July 11, 2014

Exceeds Expectations!

I called the store manager a jerk but he had it coming.

During my yearly review at the crafts store last year, let's just say I got carried away in the heat-of-the-moment.

Last year my rating dropped one level down from the previous year…..and I didn't like that at all, especially after all I do for that store.

The store manager said I was a bit too vocal about my frustrations with the job and the company. (I may have said--in passing--that I hoped the store burned down and the company got destroyed…on more than one occasion).

But I digress.

How did this year's review go?

It went well!

This time around the store manager mentioned I haven't complained or bad-mouthed the company.

I jokingly replied now I just keep all the stress and anger bottled up inside.

I was also given the highest ranking possible:  "Exceeds Expectations" (what I had two years ago).

Here's the kicker. The store manager told me I was the ONLY associate at my store this year to get that ranking!

The pay increase is nominal and the job itself still gets to me but it's nice--great even--to get recognition especially when you think it's due.

Go me!


naturgesetz said...

Yay! Go Dean! :) :) :)

It's really great to know how good a job you're doing for them despite the frustrations.

When I worked at the IRS I had the mindset that I was serving the public, not the bosses. Of course I had to do what the bosses said (mostly), but my satisfaction came from doing a good job. Naturally I was pleased when they noticed how good it was.

So congrats on the recognition.

Unknown said...

You are right! Go you! Excellent job this year. Congratulations on the ranking. I'm sure you deserved it.

Dean Grey said...


I definitely try having that mindset at my university job because I deal directly with the public there.

At the crafts store though I deal with customers in a more indirect way.





Thanks to the pair of you gentlemen!


stanw said...

"Exceeded Expectations!" That is beyond they need to pay you accordingly although it is a shot in the arm to get that rating. GO, DEAN, GO!!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

GO YOU IS RIGHT! Proud of you!

Dean Grey said...