Friday, July 25, 2014

Abstract Minnie Mouse!

"I'm going to miss you, Dean," she said.

"I'm not going anywhere," I replied.

"I am," she told me.

And that's how I learned the assistant store manager at the crafts store had given her two-weeks notice.

Her husband got promoted at his job which means she'd have to be home to be with her children--at least for now.

I do think the stresses of the job were a factor too but perhaps I'm projecting my own feelings onto the situation.

In any case, I wanted to make her something to remember me by.

She LOVES all things Disney and the color pink. So this is what I made her…..

Acrylic on canvas - 12" x 12" (NFS)

I flooded the canvas with as many shades of pink as I could:  coral, fuchsia, blush colors.

An image I found online of Minnie Mouse was then transferred over the abstract painting. Copyright infringement and tracing. Double whammy! But I wanted it to be 100% accurate and time was of the essence.

Here's the abstract painting with just the pencil overlay…..

Working at the crafts store is NOT easy. I still hate that job every day I go to work. But it's my coworkers that make it worthwhile. We bicker and squabble and laugh together--just like a family. And it's always sad to see one of our own go.

Today was the assistant store manager's last day. As we hugged our goodbyes, I told her we WILL keep in touch. That I know for certain.

It was a pleasure working with you, Kari! You rock!


Sonnia J. Kemmer said...

What a beautiful gift! You are very crafty.


stanw said...

A beautiful gesture, Dean, she will be delighted by your awesome painting! You are one precious guy.

Michelle said...

Very cool! I bet she loves it. :)

Unknown said...

YOU are so cool. Your consideration and the showing of it is one of your most awesome characteristics. Even tho our interactions are only online and intermittent, I'm happy to know you.

Dean Grey said...





Thank you, sir.



I hope she does!



Takes cool to know cool!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


naturgesetz said...

It's great that you are so loved and so loving. As well as talented.

Dean Grey said...