Friday, June 6, 2014

Art unexpected.

I have no art of my own to share. Much too busy for that.

But here's a flourish of color from the crafts store I work at.

Someone had swept up miscellaneous flower heads that lost their way in the floral department and pushed the fake blooms in the receiving area to be tossed out.

I thought they looked pretty against the pile of dust, glitter, and debris.

A good reminder that art takes on many forms and is all around you…if you look for it.

Just what I needed.


naturgesetz said...

It's beautiful, just like you.

jason said...

lovely photo!

Randuwa said...

Poetic and lovely--just like you!

Unknown said...

It is so cool that you look at something that others consider trash or ugly and find the inherent beauty in it. It's a large part of who you are as sa persons and an artist. Keep looking for the beauty in ashes; you inspire me.

Dean Grey said...








Thank you, Randy!



I will keep looking for the beauty!


All of your comments are greatly appreciated!