Sunday, June 29, 2014

No sense of Pride.

I always have mixed feelings about today.

Today is the last Sunday of June, which means the Gay Pride Parade was this afternoon…but I decided not to go.

I don't like crowds, hot weather, or being burned alive by the intense summer sun and all three were out in full force.

And part of me feels like I don't fit in there…and that's a very lonely feeling.

When you don't belong to your own community, where do you belong?

I've heard several people say "Happy Pride!" throughout the day but I'm not feeling much happiness at the moment.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Betty's magical pony!

One of the cashiers at my retail job was emptying out the dump-all bin at the registers and found this cutie…..

Love those blue wings!

The name "Betty" was written on the pony's tag. A child must've left it behind but never claimed it.

It even has ribbons for a tail!

One of my coworker's friends has a little girl, so I passed it along and found the plush pony a good home (otherwise I'd have kept it).

Sorry Betty but finders, keepers/losers, weepers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pressed flowers…by mail!

Look what waited in my P.O. Box from fellow blogger, Randy.

Normally he sends out poetry cards from his favorite poets.

But last week I got this…..

Pressed pansies from his garden!

This made me smile upon opening it.

It was so simple, unexpected, and lovely.

Thank you, sir. Your small gesture brightened my day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Art unexpected.

I have no art of my own to share. Much too busy for that.

But here's a flourish of color from the crafts store I work at.

Someone had swept up miscellaneous flower heads that lost their way in the floral department and pushed the fake blooms in the receiving area to be tossed out.

I thought they looked pretty against the pile of dust, glitter, and debris.

A good reminder that art takes on many forms and is all around you…if you look for it.

Just what I needed.