Monday, April 14, 2014

Something cutesy in the meantime.

I haven't had the time or energy to draw or paint or do anything artistic so I thought I'd share this with you instead…..

One of my coworkers created it at the crafts store during one of the kid's club events (basically babysitting customer's children while the parents shop).

She left it on the breakroom table afterwards where it'll surely get ruined or tossed out so I pinned it on the bulletin board in my office space at work. To help brighten my day whenever I see it.

It's always nice having something handmade, especially artwork.

It isn't one of my pieces but it's something cutesy in the meantime.


naturgesetz said...

With such long legs they might be wading birds.

I admire your ability to see the beauty in simple things that I'd never give a second though to without your encouragement.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, sir!