Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm an all-star!

When I heard the news I smiled and beamed inside--it felt like I was doing something right.

I found out I was recently chosen as a staff all-star at my university job!

Here's the memo from the coworker that nominated me:

"If we had a "team spirit award", Dean would most definitely be the recipient. He creates a friendly and collegial environment for the entire staff.

It's not uncommon to receive an e-mail from Dean announcing we're celebrating something that week and he has brought treats (we had a "hot chocolate" week in the midst of the Polar Vortex).

The small (and sometimes big) things that our colleagues do to create a warm and welcoming work environment for the rest of us are often overlooked, but it's these gestures which help us all bond together and provide the best service for our students, staff, and faculty."


I even got a small trophy!

How cute!

It was nice getting noticed for boosting morale--not something so easily discernible.

As a supervisor there, I've found it's important to include your entire department, always thank/take care of those who help you, and do things to help make the job fun and more enjoyable.

These are things management at my retail job still haven't learned or seem to care to recognize. What a shame.

But I'm glad the university staff values it though.

Now I have to figure out where to put the trophy at home.

Look out, world, because now I'm an all-star!


Mike said...


Congrats!!! Always good to know that people around you appreciate you!!!

naturgesetz said...

Congratulations, Dean! I'm sure it's richly deserved.

I hadn't realized that you're a supervisor, but it's no surprise that you want to take care of those who work with you and and make their work as enjoyable as possible.

Great pic of you with the trophy. You're so photogenic!

Be sure to put the trophy in a spot where you can see it when you're feeling discouraged. It will remind you that you're truly appreciated for being who you are.

BrightenedBoy said...

This is so cool. And your supervisors are right; it's the small things that bring us together, that make a work environment cohesive, that make colleagues feel like friends.

Well done!

Cat said...

That's awesome that you manage your staff like that. So many managers forget that they manage PEOPLE! :) You're an inspiration for so many reasons, that is just one of them :)

Dean Grey said...





Yes, at my university job I'm one of several supervisors in charge of the student workers that help in our department.

On the other hand, at the crafts store I'm sort of a go-to assistant to all of the managers.

It's always a bit jarring going from one job to the other and switching roles.

And I like your idea of putting the trophy somewhere where I can see it...especially when feeling discouraged.



Yes, very true!





Everybody's celebratory comments are greatly appreciated!


Randuwa said...

What JOY! I am not surprised in the least. Happy for you, my friend.

stanw said...

WOW! First of all, Congratulations, that is fantastic. I just got a refreshing view of you especially when I saw the amazing picture of you with the trophy. Love the smile. No wonder they respond to you. Attitude goes a long way! Be proud, Dean, no blush required!

Yes I agree, put that trophy where it will encourage you when you need it.

Kim Rempel said...

What a sweet post. This made my night : )

Joey said...

Hey, Dean! Long see, my friend! (Totally my fault. Life has been one big runaway roller coaster. Haven't been blogging, or even reading blogs, in a long time! I have missed it.)

Congratulations on your award! It is always nice to be recognized for your hard work and determination. Take it all in and enjoy it. You are very deserving.

Dean Grey said...





I appreciate that, sir!



I'm glad to hear it!



I'm happy to see you here, Joey! It's been a LONG time.


Thanks to all of you for chiming in!


benedicktus said...

I haven't been here (on your site) for a long time, but when I got here today I saw this post. I'm just so glad that somebody else recognizes what I saw in you a long time ago (and most of your blog readers have too, I'm sure). Your talents and your SELF go way past your artistic abilities (which are incredible) and the things you see as "success" ("successful artist", etc). You are a successful human being who has always shown concern for the people who are around you. Which is probably the most important thing about you. Keep up the good work! p.s. I remember turning 35 and having a minor breakdown too. The idea that your halfway thru is overpowering, but you'll get past it to become an even more awesome human being.

Dean Grey said...


So glad to see you here again!

I appreciate the pep talk and the kind words from you!


David K Small, artist said...

You get more handsome with every passing year - lucky you!

Dean Grey said...


I don't feel very lucky these days.


Unknown said...

There is a handsome All-Star behind that trophy.

Dean Grey said...