Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm an all-star!

When I heard the news I smiled and beamed inside--it felt like I was doing something right.

I found out I was recently chosen as a staff all-star at my university job!

Here's the memo from the coworker that nominated me:

"If we had a "team spirit award", Dean would most definitely be the recipient. He creates a friendly and collegial environment for the entire staff.

It's not uncommon to receive an e-mail from Dean announcing we're celebrating something that week and he has brought treats (we had a "hot chocolate" week in the midst of the Polar Vortex).

The small (and sometimes big) things that our colleagues do to create a warm and welcoming work environment for the rest of us are often overlooked, but it's these gestures which help us all bond together and provide the best service for our students, staff, and faculty."


I even got a small trophy!

How cute!

It was nice getting noticed for boosting morale--not something so easily discernible.

As a supervisor there, I've found it's important to include your entire department, always thank/take care of those who help you, and do things to help make the job fun and more enjoyable.

These are things management at my retail job still haven't learned or seem to care to recognize. What a shame.

But I'm glad the university staff values it though.

Now I have to figure out where to put the trophy at home.

Look out, world, because now I'm an all-star!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scared for the future.

When I saw my position posted at the crafts store as being "vacant" I did a double-take.

The assistant store manager explained that Corporate was splitting my role between two people again.

I've done that job effectively--by myself, for almost two years now without any problems so it's annoying this is happening (but they want all vacancies filled since our store is steadily growing in volume).

Having two people will change the nature of the position and I fear not in a good way.

I'm also worried it'll force me out because two people means my hours will be split up. I may have to get a third part-time job again.

I'll be turning a year older at the end of next month and it's scary to think I can't financially support myself at my age.

Nothing is set in stone just yet but the changes are inevitable. I just hope it doesn't make the job more stressful than it is.

We shall see what happens.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jesus penny!

I swear these things always find me.

Maybe it's a sign.

I came across this the other day while preparing the deposit for the arts-and-crafts store I work at.....

It's a penny with a cross cut out at the center!

We'll occasionally find messages about Christ and "the evils of money" written on actual dollar bills but this is a first.

How did they make such small and precise cuts?

I'm calling it the J.C. Penny...not to be confused with JCPenney.

It was too unique to send off to the bank so I took it home instead.

Got Jesus? Why, yes I do!