Friday, February 28, 2014

Love signs.

I missed my normal train for work and would have to hustle to make it on time.

Once I reached downtown I started to jog. It's over a mile from the train station to the crafts store I work at.

A handsome, gay couple was sightseeing along Michigan Avenue. Seeing what I don't have depresses me so I pressed on.

A couple blocks later I saw a miniature rose strewn on the sidewalk.

So out of place for it!

I dashed by but stopped several feet away to look at it again.

Dean, you're going to be late, I said to myself.

I ran back and took the frozen bloom with me.

At the halfway point of my trek, I came across the word "love" written just off an alleyway.

Dean, you're going to be late, I said.

But I had to capture it with my camera.

To me, February is synonymous with love, especially since Valentine's Day is its main star.

Even though it's something I long to have, it was nice glimpsing signs of love before the month officially ends.

Oh, and I was three minutes late for work this morning.


naturgesetz said...

I'd be very surprised if those pauses for signs of love took seven minutes. So, you'd have been late anyway, and the pauses were time well spent. They tell you that you're surrounded by love, even if there's no romance.

Did you stay seven minutes extra to make up for it?

Dean Grey said...


I went ahead and changed the "seven" to a "three".

We're allowed a five-minute grace period at work but I didn't clock in until 8:07am. If I were just a few minutes sooner, I would've made the five-minute window.

Sorry for not explaining that in the original post.

I lost about a minute going back for the rose and probably two more taking pics of the alleyway.

And keep in mind, a couple of times I had to wait at the crosswalks because of traffic (morning rush). Had I not stopped those two times, I may have gotten the walk sign and been able to keep on running.

All those little stops add up!