Monday, January 6, 2014

Decorate a cat!

In another life I must've been an abused mouse.

Clawed, prodded, and chased. And my reincarnated soul is finally getting revenge now.

Now that the new year has begun, here's the cat calendar I used in my workspace at the crafts store these past twelve months.

Festooned with sharpie mustaches and glasses and wild hair, I like to think I got'em good this time.

Here's the best of 2013!

Game time!

All dolled up!

Serious hipster!




Oh what pleasure and amusement I get out of this!

Try it yourself and see.

When you're feeling worn out, bored, or alone...decorate a cat!


naturgesetz said...

Lots of fun. I really like "Serious hipster." Somehow he looks the most "realistic" to me. :)

Anonymous said...

This was one of them most sweetest posts I have ever seen.

jason said...


Just be careful when using real cats, however.
I learned that the hard way :)

Misha Taylor said...

This us tooo cute! thanks for sharing :)

Dean Grey said...


So agreeing with you!









Thank YOU for looking!


I appreciate everyone chiming in here!


stanw said...

Love them all but "All Dolled Up" made me smile the most. No end to your creativity and imagination! Go Dean...

MartininBroda said...

Cats are strange indeed, I never wanted to get too familiar with them again (since I'm allergic), but to this nice place, I had to move, belong 4 cats, 3 of them became more familiar when I started to feed them here and then (what a surprise, but was told they were picky with people). I was ill for a day or so and when I was out on the terrace today, one came hustling sitting in front of me, ignoring the food, just staring at me, strange.

Have a blessed New Year!

Dean Grey said...


Glad you like them, sir!



It sounds like the cats chose you, rather than you chose the cats!


Thanks to the pair of you gentlemen!