Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Bow Brigade!

An event planner contacted the arts-and-crafts store I work at and wanted some bows made.

And by some I mean over 2,000!!

It was the largest order we've ever had.....the customer paid $11,000!!!

A huge boon for our store, management didn't want to turn it down.

But many of my coworkers are crafty types and we were up for the challenge.

About eight of us spent most of our shifts making bow after bow. We sent out three installments of 750 bows over the past couple weeks.

Some of my handmade bows.

The event planner specifically wanted red and blue. She was planning a party for two HUGE corporations and the bows were to be toppers for the holiday presents.

A lot of measuring and twisting of ribbon ensued.

Through cramped hands and long, monotonous days, we kept in good spirits.

It was nice--and dare I say fun--coming together as a small group and making "bow history" happen.

I'd always start by saying, "It's bow time!" and proudly referred to us as the Bow Brigade.

Today, the last of the custom order gets picked up. I can say I'm soooo over bow-making at the moment yet a part of me will miss it.

"Who knows," one of my coworkers said, "maybe she'll do business with us in the future and want a whole bunch more bows made."

If so, Bow Boy and the rest of the Bow Brigade will be ready!


naturgesetz said...

Massive projects like that can really foster cameraderie, team spirit, cohesiveness, call it what you will. (I had another synonym in mind but now I've forgotten it. If it comes back to me, I'll send it along.) And I love the bit about you being the one who says, "It's bow time!" You're a leader!

I'm sure there's real exhilaration at accomplishing it.

Yay Dean! Yay Bow Brigade!

Randuwa said...


Michelle said...

So pretty! Those will brighten the day for a lot of people. :)

Mind Of Mine said...

I can't think of anything worse!

Dean Grey said...


Haha, well I'd say, "It's bow time!" whenever I had to make bows, as my coworkers' shifts were at different times.

But when we did work together making bows, I tried to keep us motivated and having fun.






I hope so!


Mind Of Mine!

Oh Ian. You think you don't like it because they're bows OR because you don't know how to make a bow?

I bet if I showed you, you'd love it!



Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

WOW...that is a lot of bows!

I've been looking at your blog through out the year and have admired the art goodness and other posts.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 2014 through the blog!

happy holidays.

stanw said...

Bow Boy! When you rock, you really rock….making it fun and all. I can understand the cramps, doing repetitious stuff like that. Great on you guys for finishing the order.

Dean Grey said...


Happy Holidays back at you!!



It was a lot of fun!


I appreciate hearing from the both of you!