Friday, November 29, 2013


Extension n. The act of a condition being lengthened; an allowance of extra time.

As the months and days counted down, I was becoming more and more discouraged. It didn't look good.

A year ago on this exact date, I was interviewed by a city department in Seattle. I passed and was given access to apply to staff-only positions as they became vacant.

The catch was, that access would expire in one being the last day.

I had only a couple interviews with them over the course of this year but was never picked for those jobs. My time has run out.

However, because my experience is still current/relevant (my university job is in the same field) I asked for an extension...and it was granted...for another year!

I feel really good about this. This means I still have a chance of finding a good job in Seattle and relocating there.

And with twelve more months on my side, I don't feel so pressured.

I'm thankful for the continued opportunity.

Now I just have to hold on, keep trying, and hope something good comes of it!


jason said...

fingers crossed for you!

naturgesetz said...

Yay! for the extension. Here's hoping something good will happen within the year.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!



I hope so too!


I appreciate both of you gentlemen stopping by!


Soul Yaoi said...

Good luck!!

Dean Grey said...

Soul Yaoi!