Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keep smiling.

I had seen her off and on for the past two years at my university job.

She finally came up to the front desk earlier this week and officially introduced herself. Her name was Maggie. She told me she was finished with school now and moving back home to Canada next week.

I considered her one of the "regulars" who'd always come into the university to study. She said she wanted to say goodbye.

"You always have a big smile on your face," she said to me.

That threw me a bit--her perceiving me as being "happy". For I'm not happy with the way my life is going.

But I do smile a lot, especially at work, being the first person students see when entering our department.

A lot of the time I feel like I'm wearing a mask to hide the pain and sadness and loneliness or perhaps I'm simply pushing it all to the side while at work.

Sing it, Judy.....

It was extremely sweet of Maggie to acknowledge all the times I've greeted her and to stop in just to see me. I was flattered to have made that kind of impression on her.

I shook her hand and told Maggie to come back and visit us.

"Keep smiling, okay?" she said on her way out.

I will try, dear. I will try.


naturgesetz said...

I think that the smile has to come from deep within. It's not a mask. If it were, you'd be consciously putting it on. When you don't realize you're smiling, it's genuine.

Maybe it appears spontaneously when people come to you — you're happy to see them. Or maybe it's usually there — there is an underlying happiness beneath the surface discontents.

stanw said...

Isn't there an adage that says, "Smile, it'll make people wonder what you've been up to!" A smile maybe will do that but a smile has the power to lift another person up, to make them feel important, significant in a way. Maggie probably felt that from you. She will remember your smile and it will bring happy memories.

Too smile no matter what you are feeling inside does not make it any less effective when viewed by someone else. Bet you have to admit that your smiling at your job there has probably brought a warm feeling to others too...even though they might feel shy to tell you that.

Keep smiling, it shows you are up to something good!

Dean Grey said...


Interesting points. There are many times where I don't realize how much I'm actually smiling.

I think it's kind of habitual at this point.



*big smile*


Thanks to both of you gentlemen!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean--Good to see that you're still doing your art work and posting--it's been a long time--I hope you're doing well!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!

I'm so happy to see you here and haven't forgotten about you.

You and your sister's artwork is always so amazing.