Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Remembering "The Kelpies" of Museum Campus (sculptures recently removed)


naturgesetz said...

Striking pieces. Thanks for sharing the photos. They don't look very durable, close up. Could that have something to do with their removal? And when you say "removed," does that mean they were put somewhere else, or were they destroyed?

Dean Grey said...


No, I believe the sculptures were made out of metal.

They were part of a larger, "sculptures along the lakefront" exhibit late last year.

But I assumed they were to be a permanent addition to the area.

When I returned to their home location last week, I saw they had been removed (along with the rest of the exhibit).

That's when I decided it's best to post the pics I had taken of them, even though they were from last fall.

Where the sculptures go now is anyone's guess. Maybe the artist gets the pieces back. Maybe they go on exhibit in some other city.

*shrugs shoulders*


LightChaser said...

Here's more info on The Kelpies:

I'm sorry I missed them in Chicago!

Dean Grey said...


Thanks so much for the link!

The ones on display here in Chicago were a smaller version of the original sculptures, which I believe were SUPER huge.