Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just another day at work.

My daily commute consists of a 40-minute train ride into the city and from there, a 20-minute walk to work.

Hard to believe I've had to do that for this long.

Today marks my third year of working at the arts-and-crafts store!

I've been trying to escape from there since I started. That job always manages to make me feel incompetent, stressed, and depleted.

But besides my other part-time university job, I haven't found anything better.

There's this fear I'll be stuck in mid-level retail for many years to come.

Is this all I'm going to be?


Last week I found this wind-up toy some child left behind in the coloring book display.

Every now and then I'll wind it up and watch the spotted feline scamper across my workspace.

Something to amuse me and break up the monotony of it all.

I thought today might've been more meaningful for me considering the three years I gave to this place, but in the end it was just another day at work.


naturgesetz said...

Kind of interesting: birthdays and anniversaries are significant and still just another day.

We can choose to emphasize them with a party or special activity or we can downplay them.

I hope the next year at work will be pleasant — if you don't find something more to your liking.

That kitty looks like something that could brighten a moment.

Mind Of Mine said...

You think a 60 minute commute is long? Ha, I have had jobs where the commute has been closer to 2.

How are you feeling, send me an email, ,let me know.

Dean Grey said...


Let's hope next year I'm somewhere much, much better!


Mind Of Mine!

Two hours? Yikes, that's pretty rough.

Check your inbox, mister Ian!


Thanks to the pair of you gentlemen for stopping by!