Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A return to art. (Owl - Step 1 - Drawing)

I thought it would be this big event. A momentous experience.

But no, it was nothing like that.

After almost eight months of not creating any art (the longest time as an adult), I finally sat down and drew over the weekend!

I felt this frustration and resistance and did cry a bit while drawing, but it was time and that was that.

Here's what I started:

It's going to be a painting of an owl. I used a basic grid pattern to ensure the proportions matched the reference photo.

Little by little it'll get done. I still have two unfinished paintings from last year and I do NOT want this to be a third.

If anything, I told myself I could always rip up the drawing if too much time passed without any progress.

We shall see what becomes of this piece.


naturgesetz said...

Here's hoping it is auctioned off on e-Bay (or given to a good friend).

Kim Rempel said...

A wonderful start. I hope you fall in love with the sheer act of creating again and it feeds you. Great lines!

stanw said...

Can't wait (well, actually I guess I have to, LOL) to see the finished result! Looks like an awesome start, go Dean...

Mind Of Mine said...

I think this is the first twinge of a better you coming back.

Michelle said...

A beautiful beginning!

Dean Grey said...


I plan on giving it to someone...if the painting turns out okay!



God I hope so too.



Thank you, sir!


Mind Of Mine!

We shall see, Ian!





Everyone's encouraging comments are greatly appreciated!


Jules said...

I'm very happy to hear that you are doing art again! Go forth!! I believe in you!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you for believing in me, girl!