Monday, July 15, 2013

Love evaporating.....

I sat in the shade on a friend's back porch the other day.

As the blazing sun beat down, I dipped my finger in a glass of water and drew a heart on the wooden planks.

At first it glistened in the sunlight--fully formed and intact.

Then it slowly faded.

Little by little, there was less and less before it was finally gone from my sight.

My heart taken away like never being there at all.

It forces me to realize what I no longer have.

That no matter how many hearts I draw on parched wood in the summer sun, they'll all evaporate and can't replace the real thing.


Mind Of Mine said...

Draw your heart in fresh cement next time.

Randuwa said...

Real is the heart on the wood. Desire is the fantasy. The goal is to embrace the real with joy and gusto and let the fantasy be just a wish, just a hope, and NOT a thing with the power to steal away your ability to experience the wonder of life and how amazing this way of existing it. I love you, little "brother."

Unknown said...

Then the only thing I can think to say is that the time has come for you to stop looking for a counterfeit. Also, a video clip for you, and a song, because your post made me think of the two:

The Video clip:

The Song:

Dean Grey said...

Mind Of Mine!

LOL, a cement heart may last longer, Ian, but it still wouldn't be the real thing.



I appreciate the sweet words, Randy.



But I've always looked for real love though.

And thank you for the clips. I've watched/listened to them both.


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen for stopping by!


naturgesetz said...

I don't think you find it by looking for it so much as by being open to it when it comes. But then how would I know? Just from what I've read and seen.

jason said...

Ah...keep putting water on it there, and it'll carve a heart into the wood.

That's how the Grand Canyon was made, wasn't it? :)

Unknown said...

Dean, So I've been away for a little while.. Life getting in the way and all.. But I spent a quiet hour in bed this morning catching up with your blog, and I'm glad I did! Hopefully I'll have a new post on my blog soon and you can catch up with me! Much love!!

Dean Grey said...


But what good is being open to love if no one I encounter is interested in me?



Thank you, sir.



No worries. Life gets in the way for everyone at some point or another.


I appreciate hearing from all of you!


Jules said...

If you look closely here, Dean, you can see the remnant of the heart left in the dust behind, after the water evaporates.. no-one can ever really hurt us so badly that our hearts really disappear. The capability for love is always there, waiting for the right person.


Dean Grey said...


Ah, this is very true.

Thank you for your words of wisdom!