Saturday, June 22, 2013

Poor thing.

My, my--another one.

Poor thing.


naturgesetz said...

I guess dead birds' bodies are more likely to end up somewhere visible in the city than out here in the suburbs or in rural areas. It's always sad to see a dead animal. More so, a dead human.

Randuwa said...

A Cedar Waxwing...pity.

stanw said...

"Poor thing!" That was exactly what we said at work one time when we saw a bird about the same size hit the window. We walked down and went outside and saw the poor thing lying on the ground. There was no movement at all. We were just to turn around with all of a sudden it got up and flew away as if nothing had happened. We were truly amazed. This actually happened.

ultragreen said...

It looks like a Cedar Waxwing.

Dean Grey said...


I found it right near the train shelter. It must've flown into the glass head-on.



Thank you for identifying it, Randy. I wasn't sure what type of bird it was.



Wow, how rare does something like that ever happen?



Yep. See Randy's comment up above.


Thanks to all of you for chiming in here!


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep psoting pics of dead birds. It seems like you enjoy being depressed.

Dean Grey said...


Whenever I see a dead bird, a part of me feels compelled to capture it with my camera.

So many people walk past it like it's a piece of trash.

Perhaps it's my way of showing respect in some odd, sad way.