Wednesday, May 29, 2013

At peace.

Imagine no more yearning, disappointment, or suffering.

My, my--what that must be like.

While walking through the city in between jobs the other day, I saw a fallen sparrow on the sidewalk. I lightly nudged it with my shoe, making sure it wasn't still alive.

And then again yesterday, I stumbled upon this dead pigeon on my way to work.....

Were the birds better off now that they were dead?

Never having to struggle anymore, or find their way in the world, or to meet a good partner. That death was their freedom from the harshness of life.

On those days when I'm overworked and sad and feeling alone, how I'd give anything to be done with it all...and finally be at peace.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


The stripes. Those furry ears. And it had the sweetest eyes.

How c-u-t-e!

At my university job, I was put in charge of tidying up the back office space earlier in the week.

One of my tasks was to consolidate last year's lost-and-found collection. A lot of it will be weeded out and discarded and the rest hopefully donated.

Among the earmuffs and scarves and jackets, was this little guy.....

A sky blue pillow with a plush tiger sewn in!

I couldn't risk it getting thrown away so I took it home and washed it for my own.

But then I remembered one of the managers at the crafts store I also work at had a baby boy just before the start of the new year. So I ended up giving the pillow to her so she could give it to her son.

And least now the pillow has a life again in a new home.

Hooray for happy endings!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forgetting Seattle.

It was gray out. Chilled winds played with my hair while misting rain caressed my face.

I closed my eyes and pretended I was in Seattle...but I wasn't.

The weather finally turned to my favor this past Friday here in Chicago. It was a total grey day.

It made me think of my times visiting Seattle and sadly realizing I'm starting to forget.

Myrtle Edwards Park, Queen Anne, Taco Time, Mount Rainier, Capitol Hill, Marché. I miss all of it.

Walking under Highway 99 in the rain. Construction crews with their noisy machinery nearby. I cried at that spot because it was all so lovely. I remember pieces.

Even though the memories are fading, I do know I felt free and happy there--things I'm not in Chicago.

As the heat and humidity and summer sun are on their way in the Windy City, I want to be anywhere but here.

One day you'll have the life and relationship and career you want, Dean. Just not right now.

Just be patient and don't forget.