Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life getting in the way.

Life n. The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence.

I used to be an artist named Dean Grey. Now I've tucked him away.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams and this is one of those times.

Most days it feels like I just go through the motions--like there's this disconnect looming over me. Or maybe it's just art withdrawal symptoms.

I've been taking on more hours at both of my jobs lately, which leaves little room for anything else.

The last time I drew or painted was back in January...almost four months ago. Much too long, especially when over a decade ago, I used to draw and paint on a daily basis.

But on the bright side, I met someone. We've been quietly dating for two months and we're taking things slowly. What little free time I do have has been spent with him.

And while I'm thankful to have him and be working, I'm hoping one day life will be in sync with my creative endeavors again.

One day Dean Grey will return...I just don't think it'll be anytime soon.


Rebecca said...

aw congrats on the new man in your life may you find love and happiness. I also hope the artist returns soon as you were amazing. have a wonderful week sweetie

naturgesetz said...

It's so good that you have someone in your life; and of course the additional hours of work mean additional money. So that's all good news.

I'm glad I became acquainted with you while you were painting regularly, because I really like the Dean Grey paintings I was able to bid successfully for on e-Bay. So I'm with you in hoping that you'll have time to get back to your art. And I hope it won't be too long until that happens.

Ken Riches said...

Glad you met someone...

Dean said...

How interesting that I made a similar comment yesterday. It has been four months since I picked up my nice camera and took some true photos. Trying to make a living with photography has not panned out, plus I've been down most of the year with health problems. I would have no photos of the last four months if it were not for my iPhone.

Congrats on finding someone special. I hope this goes well for you. My world has been blessed so much since my wonderful man came into my life.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Best wishes from another Dean.

Mind Of Mine said...

I am glad you are seeing someone, I really am. Keeping quiet. Sly dog.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, kind lady!



Yes, I'm making more money from working so much but it's wearing me down big time.

But having someone waiting for me at the end of the work week helps get me through it.



Me too!



I hope as this year goes on that your health troubles will cease and you'll be snapping pics with your fancy camera in no time!


Mind Of Mine!

It all happened so slowly, Ian. There wasn't really much to tell in the beginning, you know?

And even though it's been two months now, we're still getting used to each other.


All of your kind words are greatly appreciated!


Randuwa said...

Dean, I've been off line for a week... Dean Grey lives on the walls of my home and when the time is right, when you have something to say through your drawing and painting, the muse will return. Right now, it sounds like you're energies are being attached to another one of your hopes--I'm so happy for you and your new boy friend. Life is full of goodness.

Dean Grey said...


Hopefully I find my way back to my art again.

Until then, I'm glad some of my paintings grace your home. I appreciate you supporting my artwork, Randy!