Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grey wearing brown.

It's simple and neutral in color yet crafted with care. A chocolate-colored work of art!

One of my coworkers recently made me a scarf out of the blue. This'll be the third one I've received so far by someone at work.

What do you think?

Even though spring is officially here, it's been chilly enough for me to wear it out a few times.

How kind to spend her free-time making this for me.

Knit-wear RULES!!

Thank you, Mae! It's lovely!!


naturgesetz said...

Interesting pattern. I'm sure it took a lot of skill. Your coworkers must really like you, which of course tells us about you, as well as them.

Scarf and wearer are both good-looking.

Soul Yaoi said...

cool scarf!

stanw said...

Love that scarf, looks like it was knitted perfectly to keep ones neck warm, neck hugger I'd say!

"Grey wearing brown." I LIKE that!

Rebecca said...

what a pretty scarf

Jules said...

That scarf looks totally warm!! I love your cute little grin while wearing it too. Nice to have such wonderful people doing such wonderful things!

Randuwa said...

Dean, I love it! You have such devoted friends.

Dean Grey said...


Yes, the scarf has almost a ribbed pattern.

Very unique!






It definitely hugs my neck!



Why thank you!



It is wonderfully warm!



I have some very caring coworkers, Randy!


Everyone's comments are very much appreciated!


Dean said...

Yes, the scarf is lovely. I also think it is lovely that this is the third scarf you have received from a co-worker. I think that means they are happy that you are part of their lives.

Dean Grey said...


It's like having those coworkers right there with me--cheering me on--whenever I'm wearing one of their scarves.


Nicholas said...

You look better with Nick wrapped around your neck. ;)

But in seriousliness, it's a nice scarf. My mom made me a nice thick one a while back, but I don't get much chance to wear it out here.

Dean Grey said...



I'm glad your mom made you one. I love them because the scarves are like having that person right there with you cheering you on.