Thursday, February 28, 2013

"You won't know until you try."

From the piers I could smell the saltwater.

Choppy waves crashed into wooden pylons as voluminous clouds overtook the sky.

Behind me was the city and in front of me were the Olympic Mountains in the far distance.

While taking in such breathtaking views, I could see myself living here.....

This past weekend I returned from my latest trip to Seattle.

The interview went quite well and it sounded like there was opportunity for growth and advancement within that city department. Something I haven't found at my present jobs in Chicago.

The rest of my time was spent with a couple friends I made from previous trips.

Moving so far away is such a major step though. What if it's not the right thing to do? What if I no longer like Seattle once I'm working and paying bills there? What if it doesn't work out?

When I asked one of my Seattle friends this, he simply replied, "You won't know until you try."

I believe that too. Otherwise I'll always wonder what if.

So if I'm offered the job in the coming weeks, I must take it.

I've come this far and need to see it through!


Aleksandra Sandstrom said...

I hope you get it, Dean! I just got back from my first-ever trip to Seattle and I adored it. Not that I know you in real life, but from reading your blog for the last couple years, I could definitely see you loving it there. The arty/craft scene is amazing out there and it's such a unique place. Best of luck!

naturgesetz said...

Good luck, Dean!

I always hate leaving places, and I think that if I were in your shoes, I'd be getting cold feet, just the way you were. But you've thought this through, and you know that you don't want to stay where you are.

God bless you.

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Dean

I think you and your Seattle friend are right: you won't know until you try. And Seattle seems to have so much more to offer you than Chicago does that I think you must try it.

What if it doesn't work out? You chalk it up to experience, try to identify why it didn't work out, and decide what to do next that might work better. You will at least have learnt something, and hopefully had a fgood time along the way.

Best of luck!

Take care


Randuwa2 said...

Love these photos. You are such an inspiration to me. randuwa.

Dean Grey said...


I'm so glad you liked Seattle!

It is a very special place.



I've thought it through and planned and prepared. Now all I need is the job so I can move out there.


A Wandering Pom!

So agreeing with you, Mark!

It will definitely be a learning experience should I move out to Seattle! I think I'd grow so much there.



Glad you like the pics, Randy!

The first photograph is looking south. The middle picture is of piers 62 & 63 (where I always go). And the last photo is of a group of ducklings swimming in Puget Sound.



Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts with me!


Soul Yaoi said...

Seattle is beautiful but I hate the overcast skies all the time!!

Dean Grey said...


"Seattle is beautiful but I hate the overcast skies all the time!!"

That is exactly why I like it there so much. I LOVE rainy, misty, cloudy, gray weather!