Friday, February 1, 2013

Better days ahead.

There was tension in their voices.

They were arguing...and planning something.

They had to be in their early 20's and it sounded like they were running away.

That's what transpired during my train ride into the city for work the other day.

The young man with his slicked-back hair was talking rather rough with her. Her name was Erica, I overheard.

She sounded frustrated and upset and her boyfriend was trying to convince her it will all work out. To reassure and protect her.

"We have to plan this out right," he said.

I was sitting a seat behind and across from them so I could only hear bits and pieces of their exchange but it sounded daring and passionate.

I secretly snapped this picture of them.

Now I could be totally wrong and may have misheard their conversation through the noisy commute but the thought of leaving everything behind for love is exciting.

To have a wonderful man whisk me away and escape this dull, lonely life of mine. This prison I'm in.

"Don't you want to come back and visit here (referring to Chicago)?" he asked.

She shook her head no.

I could identify with Erica but know she'll be all right because she has someone to hold her hand and love along the way.

Who knows what will become of them but I wish that young couple luck. May they find better days ahead.


naturgesetz said...

"Talking rather rough?" Not sure exactly what that means, but to me it doesn't sound quite as rosy as you make the whole scenario out to be. Having someone to hold her hand doesn't guarantee that she'll be all right. Maybe he's actually doing this against his better judgment ("Don't you want to come back and visit?"). And even if they are agreed, love doesn't always conquer all.

Based on what you wrote, I'm actually afraid that they may be making a big mistake. I hope not, and of course I wish them well.

Jaimie SKS said...

It's so great that you can over hear bits of a conversation and imagine to yourself that it's nothing but a passionate conversation of two lovers leaving it all behind to be with each other.

If only we could all have that person bring fairy tales to life, huh?

Moving with Mitchell said...

Or, she's married. They're planning to "knock off" her husband. He wants to think it through so no one knows it was them. She wants to just do it and flee the country. (Hence, "We have to plan this out right." "Don't you want to come back and visit here.")

The Cynic vs the Romantic.

Rebecca said...

hope they and you find their happily ever after

Randuwa said...

While I am not one to recommend living vicariously through the chance encounters we have with others, I am reminded of times in my life when fate has placed me in the role of "fly-on-the-wall," and how furtive such moments can be.

Murr Brewster said...

Are you sure she doesn't have someone holding her hand way too tight so she can't get away?

Dean Grey said...


He seemed annoyed by how easily she was giving up and was being stern with her.

Not sure how else to explain it.



If only!




Oooh, it sounds much more dramatic your way!






Well, what they had wasn't a chance a encounter. They clearly were boyfriend and girlfriend.


Murr Brewster!


But I think he was just doing his best to reassure her that everything will be okay.


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


Randuwa said...

You misread my comment, dear one. The furtive nature was intended to be about your connection with them, not their connection to one another. You have amazing powers of perception. I wish my feeble attempts to communicate were as acute.

Dean Grey said...


Ah, I misunderstood, Randy.

No worries!