Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ambassador of love.

It started out as something simple but ended up representing so much more.

After Christmas was over, the lanyard I wore for work seemed bare...devoid of all its festive ornamentation. 

In the weeks that followed, I used the Valentine's Day ribbon we sell at the crafts store and made a bow to add to my name badge.

From there came a red clip-on flower. A few days later, a glittered heart became part of the ensemble. Then another clip-on flower. Metallic heart chains too. Why not!

By the time February hit, I was fully adorned with heart-themed things. It was a bit jangly and cumbersome yet fun to wear!

My lanyard I wear everyday at work!

Customers would give me odd looks followed by smiles.

"I'm celebrating love in all its forms," I'd tell them.

And it went so well that I started wearing the red and pink bow all this week at my university job.

I even bought my student workers heart chains to wear at the front desk so I wouldn't look like the odd man out.

Female students complimented my bow right away and I told them it's in honor of Valentine's Day.

"I'm an ambassador of love!" I declared.

That one day it would find me.

One day, Dean.....

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

Let's ALL be ambassadors of love!


Michelle said...

So festive! I bet people at both of your jobs just love having you around.

naturgesetz said...

I'm smiling so broadly as I read this. You're wonderful!

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Dean.



Unknown said...

That is awesome! I love the lanyard and your positive outlook in this post.

Randuwa said...

Dean, "IT" has found you. You love yourself. Everything else is just SEX and Trinkets! And I honestly wish for you to have both in spades, too.

Ken Riches said...

You will find it!

stanw said...

Too bad you didn't add a picture of you wearing it, would like to see that! "Ambassador of love!", I like that and one day you find that love you so need. Go Dean :)

Dean Grey said...


Well, I do bake for them a lot, so yeah. LOL



Happy Valentine's Day back at you!



Why thank you, girl!



But I don't know that I love myself, Randy. I think I still have a lot of negative views about who I am.



I hope so!



I thought about taking a pic of myself wearing the decorated lanyard but have issues with the way I look.

I also wasn't sure how a cropped shot would be. The lanyard is just so long and bulky!


I appreciate everyone chiming in here!