Sunday, January 20, 2013

Workout Cake!

I've been feeling a bit "pudgy" lately and wanted to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine.

So instead of getting off my usual train stop, I chose the next one which would tack on about 15 extra minutes to work. I'd get to walk along the lakefront and burn calories at the same time.

Well I still had time to kill before working at the crafts store and stopped in at Jewel...and bought a layered cake. A red velvet cake to be exact!

Usually store-bought desserts are never as good as homemade but that wasn't the case this time.

The cream cheese frosting was just the right ratio of tangy and sweet. The cake itself was moist and rich with a hint of chocolate. And of course, was its signature red. A deep, dark, sensual red.


It must've been made with the blood of a god because it was heavenly.

Who knew exercising could be so delicious!

Best. Workout. Ever!


naturgesetz said...

OOH, that does look good!

Randuwa said...

Pudgy is a good sign for more exercise. Metabolisms slow down with age for most people. The options are deprivation of calories or increase in exercise. Or just loving oneself as one is. That is the choice that dare not speak it's name. Welcome to yet another sociological-psychological taboo.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh, we've had exercise walks like that!

Anonymous said...

Did you know red food coloring comes from a beetle? Interesting fact.

Anonymous said...

Don't tempt me Dean........

Dean Grey said...


It was delicious!



Randy, I think a combination of eating right and exercising is the way to go. But God knows I'm not giving up chocolate cake anytime soon!






I did not know that!


Nens Sepida!

Haha, I'm such a tease!


Thanks to all of you!