Saturday, January 5, 2013

MORE fun with cats!

They never knew what hit them.

Their whiskered, photocopied faces were my canvas to run wild with.

And besides, what cat doesn't look better with glasses and a beard?

Early last year I showed you my "embellished" cat calendar from work. With the new year upon us that can mean only one thing. Another calendar with decorated cats has been completed!

Here are some highlights from the past twelve months:

The troublemaker.

The nerd.

The vixen.

Best friends fur-ever!

Straight up chilln'.

Sexy times.....

Such joy this brings me during those taxing days at the crafts store.

Who knew playing with Sharpies could be so amusing!

Care to guess the name of the calendar currently hanging in my office space at work?

"Curious Kittens 2013".

*naughty grin*


jason said...

too funny! Love it.

naturgesetz said...


Rebecca said...

omg i love this so cute

Dean Grey said...


Coming from someone who's as funny as you, I'll take that as a great compliment!



Hee hee hee.





I appreciate all of you stopping by!


Anonymous said...

What kind of a gay guy are you anyway? A "girly calendar," really? LOL :-) Mr Tux

Dean Grey said...


Yeah, I'm a bit fem.

No worries, Mr. Tuxedo. One day I'll find a man that accepts me just as I am.