Sunday, January 27, 2013

A beautiful kind of loneliness.

I braved the biting cold to see it.

To escape in the water's blue eyes for a bit.

But when I arrived early yesterday morning, most of the lakefront had turned to ice from our recent cold blast. I was greeted with this warm glow of the rising sun casting down on the gray-blue surface.

(Adler Planetarium in the distance--middle, far right)

The frozen expanse creaked and slowly heaved up and a scream being held in.

The water underneath alive and bursting to get out. To be free again.


Near the water's edge, huge ice shards shifted, clumsily crunching into each other.

No real direction. Just wherever the waves would take them.

And when I could no longer feel my fingers, I put my camera away and just took it all in.

As I departed for work, I thanked God for letting me see it and have the lake all to myself...for not a soul was there but I.

Ah, a beautiful kind of loneliness.


Anonymous said...

You didn't go for a swim - so a very good day indeed.

naturgesetz said...

There are definitely times when it is good to be alone.

Glad you could appreciate this one.

Unknown said...

I think that's an excellent metaphor for life during the winter. Everything is covered by a thick layer of ice and snow, and by the end of winter, we're all screaming to get out.

Try to stay warm, and I recommend lots of hot chocolate, coffee, and maybe even a few teas.

stanw said...

Truly a peaceful post, picture and words. The title is very appropriate to what you have so eloquently shared. Glad you took your camera along on your journey to the water's edge!

Dean Grey said...


No, but I did think about it though.

I wouldn't have to be alone and unhappy anymore.



It was beautiful and very sad at the same time.



Hot chocolate sounds wonderful right now! It's currently 14 degrees here in Chicago!



I always try to have my camera with me!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


Randuwa said...

Dean, the first picture is lovely. Alone is something we choose to be. For me, my alone time is restorative. Is yours really all that different? Just think about it.

Dean Grey said...


Yes, alone time can allow us to reflect on things and to grow but it can also be very painful and lonely, Randy.