Monday, December 31, 2012

Reviewing the year!

My blood, sweat, and tears just for you.

Every entry painstakingly categorized.

Yes, it's that time. Time for the annual blog archive!

Below you'll find ALL of the posts for this year.

A divine way for those new to my blog to get caught up or for the regulars to catch a post you might have missed.

Let's go!


(1-2-12) Three becomes two.
(1-7-12) Fun with cats!
(1-11-12) Wordless Wednesday - Monroe Harbor in the morning.
(1-15-12) We failed at love.
(1-18-12) Buying myself always.
(1-22-12) Happy Anniversary...
(1-28-12) It only takes a moment.....


(2-1-12) Wordless Wednesday - The corner of Arlington and Clark Street
(2-4-12) Cutting hours.
(2-8-12) Wordless Wednesday - The corner of St. James and Clark Street
(2-14-12) From me.....
(2-19-12) Wearing color!
(2-22-12) I'm not happy.
(2-29-12) Erasing love.....


(3-4-12) Happy Birthday, Chicago!!
(3-9-12) Recognition!
(3-16-12) Like a phoenix.
(3-22-12) Something all her own.....
(3-27-12) Mornings and nights.
(3-31-12) Worm.


(4-4-12) Wordless Wednesday - Juliet of Verona (in the rain) at Navy Pier
(4-7-12) Magic paper!
(4-13-12) Endure.
(4-18-12) Wordless Wednesday - "Please stand by ME" (Van Buren Street Train Station)
(4-26-12) Coming out of hibernation.
(4-29-12) Losing Maria.....


(5-1-12) The day after.
(5-8-12) I could care less.
(5-9-12) Wordless Wednesday - Dead pigeon on 11th Street
(5-17-12) Losing Johanna.....
(5-18-12) Seattle, here I come!
(5-25-12) Taken by Seattle.....
(5-30-12) Wordless Wednesday - Last week's trip to Seattle!


(6-3-12) Justin Bieber and coffee!
(6-11-12) Not creating art...again.
(6-12-12) Time to fly.
(6-17-12) In the meantime.....
(6-20-12) Burn out already!
(6-22-12) Monster.
(6-25-12) A good day to die.
(6-30-12) Does anything ever stay the same?


(7-7-12) Color therapy!
(7-15-12) Almost mine.
(7-21-12) A chance.
(7-27-12) Reconnecting with Seattle.....
(7-29-12) Putting a smile on someone's face.


(8-6-12) It's a girl!
(8-8-12) Wordless Wednesday - "Hello" (cardboard along Roosevelt Rd)
(8-11-12) Losing Sujin.....
(8-15-12) Wordless Wednesday - Buckingham Fountain in the rain
(8-19-12) Not meant to be.....
(8-25-12) Dean Facts!
(8-29-12) Two years.


(9-2-12) Carnations!
(9-10-12) Glitter Cross!
(9-15-12) For rent.
(9-20-12) A year already!
(9-23-12) Butterfly in half.


(10-1-12) Golden Chocolate Orgasm
(10-7-12) Appreciation in bloom!
(10-10-12) Wordless Wednesday - LOVE(D) (The alley behind Altgeld St. and Wayne Ave.)
(10-16-12) Lost and found...and mine!
(10-21-12) Anxiety into color.
(10-24-12) Wordless Wednesday - The Rock-a-By Lady (at Lincoln Park Zoo)


(11-3-12) Small thanks.
(11-7-12) Wordless Wednesday - Two red cones (Van Buren Street Train Station)
(11-11-12) Forgotten nude!
(11-14-12) Wordless Wednesday - "Antigonish" (on the corner of Clark St. and Roosevelt Rd.)
(11-19-12) Bow Boy!
(11-21-12) Wordless Wednesday - Seagram's Vodka (along Roosevelt Rd.)
(11-25-12) Disappointed.
(11-28-12) Climb.


(12-4-12) It's almost like going home.
(12-8-12) I'm not giving up on love.....
(12-10-12) That much closer.
(12-12-12) Wordless Wednesday - Last month's trip to Seattle (cameo by Hugo)
(12-19-12) Cheating on Chicago.
(12-26-12) Wordless Wednesday - The corner of Wabash and Roosevelt Rd.
(12-31-12) Reviewing the year!

I couldn't help but look at all I went through while organizing this blogpost.

Losing love at the beginning of the year, growing closer with my coworkers at the crafts store, and of course, starting my love affair with Seattle.

Who knows what the new year will bring but I do hope it'll be AMAZING for everyone!

See you all next year!!


Rebecca said...

Happy new Year sweetie

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the good wishes and for the archive of 2012.

You've had what look like some really hopeful developments. May 2013 bring much happiness and progress toward your goals.

Dean Grey said...


Happy New Year back at you, girl!



I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring!


Thanks to the both of you for stopping by!


Mind Of Mine said...

Happy New Year Dean.

Maybe this year, you could try some thing you have never done before. I know you are set in your ways in regards to some things, but these are not working for you.

Especially in regards to your outlook on dating, just Gaydar is known as a hook up site, it doesn't mean that you can't meet some great people.

My best friend Michael married his boyfriend Kevin in March 2012. They met there, be a little bit more open minded about it. You don't know where it might lead you.

Dean Grey said...

Mind Of Mine!

LOL, maybe I'll meet my future husband on Gaydar.

Not so sure about that, Ian, but I will be more open to the possibilities.