Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's almost like going home.

Most of the week was chilly, with no sun in sight, and it rained off and on every day I was there.


I returned late last night from my trip to Seattle and my time there was wonderful.

The interview went well too and afterwards I was determined to make the most of my remaining time.

While taking pictures along the waterfront, I spotted a glove dangling from a tree. A children's glove resembling a beaver! 

I plucked it from the barren branches and took it to my hotel room, carefully washing it in the bathroom sink.

A perfect souvenir from the Emerald City!

Even though I didn't see as much as I did during my first visit, this time the focus was on meeting new people and building existing friendships. Oh, and I got kissed too!

Hee hee hee.

The thought of leaving made me cry a few times during my stay but I'm CERTAIN I'll be back.

Every time I go to Seattle it becomes more and more familiar. The bond becomes stronger. And now...it's almost like going home.


naturgesetz said...

Have you heard yet whether you got the insider track for applying for staff positions? I hope so.

Wouldn't it be funny if the person who lost the glove or, more likely, the person's parent, recognized it on your blog and asked for it back? Meanwhile, enjoy the souvenir.

You've always looked very kissable.

Rebecca said...

so happy you had a good trip and I hope the job interviews work out so you can return. Plus a kiss do tell sweetie.

Dean Grey said...


That glove is MINE now! LOL



I don't kiss and tell, girl.



Thanks to the pair of you!


Unknown said...


Dean Grey said...