Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheating on Chicago.

I'm blessed to live in this city. Chicago will always be my home. My first love. But...I'm starting to stray.

Now when I'm walking down the streets in the Loop, I'm thinking of elsewhere. Wanting something much more than what I've always known.

I keep comparing one city against the other. Seattle versus Chicago.

The cloud cover isn't the same and the light is different here. Here the sun's harsh and intense and stings. In Seattle it's often soft and diffused.

In Chicago the rain comes down fast and heavy but is short-lived. There the rain descends light and a passionate kiss.


Seattle aglow at night!

There's not a lot of opportunity in Illinois. It seems so hard to find decent work. If I should be offered a position in Washington, why not take it? Otherwise I might be working here at the crafts store for several more years.

Seattle isn't perfect though. There are things I don't like about that city--but the same could easily be said of Chicago. Both have their pros and cons.

Beautiful Chicago!

My life sort of went back to the way it was upon my return home two weeks ago. But I mustn't forget my time in Seattle. I mustn't.

It's on my mind constantly. The obsessive part of me won't rest until I have it. IT calls to a lover.

Forgive me, my dear Chicago--I think my heart belongs someplace else now.


Whatever said...

I've found that life is lived through phases, each phase brought about but a significant change. Maybe it's time for a new chapter in your life, Dean :) Seattle sounds like a great setting for it.

naturgesetz said...

I wouldn't think of it as cheating, because you're not married to Chicago. It's more like a mother than a wife.

Here's hoping you get a good job in Seattle. Meanwhile, it won't hurt to keep your eyes open for something in Chicago — full time at the university, perhaps.

Rebecca said...

i hope you get your heart's desire

Unknown said...

I love hearing you describe your tale of two cities.

Merry Christmas, Dean!

stanw said...

Itchy feet syndrome, you got it do ya'? LOL You'll know when it it time to go somewhere else, do something else, for now just keep your options open, you never know when..."That's it!" "That's the one for me!"

Dean Grey said...


A great setting indeed!



I'm always looking and applying for positions at the university I work for but so far nothing has came from it.



Me too!



Thanks! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!



I shall keep my options open!


I appreciate everyone's comments here!


Unknown said...

Part of me is obsessed with the idea of never settling down. I am one of those people that would move every year if I could though. I'm a huge fan of never have the same experience twice.

Dean Grey said...


I too want to travel and see as many places and live in as many places as possible. But at some point I'll want to bloom where I'm planted.

I just don't think that'll happen in Chicago.