Sunday, November 11, 2012

Forgotten nude!

While looking through last year's blogposts, I saw this particular nude I'd started.

My initial thought was, Funny, I don't remember finishing that.

That's because you didn't, Dean!

As I went though my art-related things, I found the pencil drawing carefully tucked away...still waiting to be painted.

I totally forgot about it!


So I decided to make a dent in it this weekend. Here it is:

In this step I laid down the skin tones and blocked in the shadow areas.

Now all that's left is to strengthen the darks, color the butterflies, and add any last details.

I'm no longer sure if the original intention for this painting will remain but I do know I want it finished...SOON!


naturgesetz said...

This has an interesting history.

I'm glad to know that you're painting. I hope thre'll be more to come, whether they're things that had been put on hold, or newly begun.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Stunning. So glad you got back to it. You inspire me to "get back to it" myself!

Rebecca said...

wow you are so talented love this

Randuwa said...

I love your gift for creating meaning with watercolor.

Michelle said...

I won't forget that nude any time soon! It's so beautiful, and I can't wait to see it with the butterflies colored in, etc. Wonderful!

Dean Grey said...


It's so hard finding the free time to paint though because of work. I'll do what I can!


Mitchell is Moving!

Do you paint as well, Mitch? If so, I'd like to see some of your artwork!









The painting itself is only 5" x 7" so you can imagine how tiny the actual butterflies are. Coloring them in will be the trickiest part!


Everyone's comments here are greatly appreciated!


n.lea. said...

i absolutely love your art Dean. I still have the leopard you sent me. I plan to one day get it tattooed.
sorry i have been so absent. The military and it's schools keep me busy

Dean Grey said...


So glad you still have the leopard art card I sent you, Nikki!

I never thought about it being a tattoo before but that sounds awesome!

And no need to apologize. Life gets in the way sometimes. As long as you are well, that's the main thing.


Jules said...

It's really wonderful, i can't wait to see it finished.

Dean Grey said...


I hope it turns out okay!