Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Climb To move oneself upward; ascend.

I'm so scared to go back there again and I don't know why.

Gray, rainy skies, the waterfront, and Mount Rainier will all be waiting for me. (Just typing that last sentence has made me smile).

Later this morning I fly out to Seattle. This'll be my third time visiting there.

I have another interview with the same city department I interviewed for during the summer.

This time though it's not for a job. If I pass the interview, I'll be allowed to apply for future positions only available to staff and not open to the public. The exclusive access would bolster my chances of getting in there one day.

I'll be staying in Seattle for almost a week, so after the interview I'll have several days to explore and relax and recharge.

It'll be a much-needed getaway as I've been working non-stop it seems all this year.

But I feel rushed or like I'm not ready. Maybe it's my nerves getting the better of me.

What if I don't like it there this time? What if I do?

My insides are trembling but there's no turning back now. Now there's only Seattle.

Climb, Dean. Climb.


naturgesetz said...

Yes, Dean, climb.

Good luck with the interview, and enjoy your week in Seattle.

Here's hoping and praying for the best.

Whatever said...

Yes, Dean, climb :) Best of luck and enjoy it!

Jules said...

BEST OF LUCK! I'm sure you'll love it there. I hear it's a very vibrant and artistic place, so you should fit right in. My boyf lives in Spokane, so it's on good authority I've heard that as he's been there enough to say. :)

Unknown said...

Good luck, Dean. Seattle is a wonderful place.

Marty said...

I hope the interview goes well for you, and that you have a nice little vacation :-)

stanw said...

Dean, I sure hope and pray everything in Seattle works out for you, and to get some relaxing in as well. Keep climbing my friend, don't look back.

Ken Riches said...

Have a great trip!

Rebecca said...

sending you love and light that all works out for you.

Randuwa said...

What would you prefer a hand reaching down to help pull you up or a hand on your bum to steady you and rest your weight against when you tire? Either way, you are not alone in this journey. r.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, kind sir!






Seattle is a GREAT city!



I couldn't agree with you more!



I appreciate that, girl!



Not looking back is hard but I'll try!






So sweet of you!



How about two hands clapping and cheering me on from the sidelines instead?


I appreciate everybody's support!!


Randuwa said...

To steal a line from a beloved movie, "as you wish". I am always your cheer leader. Now, I know to be hands off, too--just don't fall. Cheers!

Dean Grey said...


Your continued support means a lot to me, Randy!