Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - LOVE(D) (The alley behind Altgeld St. and Wayne Ave.)


naturgesetz said...

I love the many meanings of this.

I especially like that it reminds us that loving and being loved are both aspects of love. One is not necessarily loved by those one loves, and one does not necessarily love those by whom one is loved. Ideally, of course, we love all our neighbors as ourselves, and hopefully they do so as well.

There is, of course, also the more melancholy reading, which suggests that one's loving is now in the past tense.

I hope the person who wrote this loves and is loved, rather than that he used to love but no more.

Rebecca said...

Love what they world needs more of

JuJu said...


Marty said...

the past tense is so sad sometimes....

Unknown said...

There is no greater gift than to love and be loved in return.

Dean Grey said...


That's exactly why I took the picture. It could mean different things to many people.

For me, it reminds me of past love(s).


Oh, and I spotted this while looking for apartments. How random!









It sure is, girl.



Yes, that's why it's so painful to lose it.


I appreciate everyone's feedback on this photo!


naturgesetz said...

When you said you were looking for an apartment, I "had" to know where it was. So I mapquested the address. The map showed I-90/94 nearby. I-90 starts in Boston, so I thought, "Holy Cow! I could just get on I-90 and keep driving until I got to Chicago!" (Of course this would work for other locations in the city as well.) "How long would it take to get there?" So I got directions. Via I-90 it's something over 16 hours. They also gave a couple of alternates, the more southerly of which takes I-80 across Pennsylvania and requires over 18 hours.

Now it gets really funny. My next thought was that that's too much driving for one day, but …
I-90 goes right past where Zack lives (7 hours from here, therefore 9 from Chi-town), and
I-80 passes very close to where Peter lives, about 10 hours from here, therefore 8 from Chicago.

Sooo …
If I stopped off to visit one on the way out and the other on the way back, it would involve some long days on the road, but it would be feasible: four days driving, plus a couple of days with you and one or two each with Zack and Peter. All I need is to clear my calendar for a week and a half (and have Peter get his folks' okay to have this 70-year old guy they've never heard of show up to visit their 21 year old son), and I can be on my way.


It's unlikely I'll ever do it, but it's fun to fantasize about; and I thought you might enjoy this insight into how my mind can work (or is it play?).

Randuwa said...

There are a million words that belong in the past tense: liked, wanted, needed, used, cared, lusted, embraced, enabled, intrigued, enlivened, disappointed.... BUT "Love" is not one, it's the only one not.

Love by virtue of it's very existence "is."

Love is a dimension all on its own--Love is before, Love is today, Love is tomorrow and all tomorrows. And you know that it is Love when and only when what you feel transcends all of the other million words.

To steal from Robert Frost, "We love the things we love for what they are." No ulterior motives, no superior agendas, no guarantees of reciprocity--it's why love is so special.

And there's nothing wrong with any of the other words or feelings. They fill our days with much joy and satisfaction and sadness and regret, BUT they are not Love--no (D) for me, my tender friend.

Dean Grey said...


That drive sounds exhausting just reading it! LOL





Thanks to both of you gentlemen!