Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost and found...and mine!

Sunglasses, books, keys, flash drives, and earphones. Those are the things we get on a weekly basis.

At my university job we have a little lost and found section behind the front desk where we store all the things students leave behind.

Among the forgotten items, some things really stand out.

Look what was turned in several weeks ago.....

What the what?!

It appears to be a toy for a baby...or cat. Not sure but I do know it's colorful, unique-looking, and rattles when you shake it. Cool!

No one's claimed it yet and rather than toss it, I decided to take the toy home and add it to my menagerie of colorful objects.


Now. It's. MINE!


Moving with Mitchell said...

This should be recreated ginormously. What a piece of art.

H. Ike said...

It looks like a cute demonstration model of a magnetosphere. 8D

naturgesetz said...

Very interesting.

To me it looks more like something designed to be grasped and shaken by hands than to be batted around by paws ( much less to be grasped by claws). Cat toys mostly are designed so that the cat can imagine it's dealing with a mouse. So I'd go with the "toy for a baby" idea.

Nice that you have another bit of color brightening up your home.

Rebecca said...

love this little man had one as a child he loved chewing on it when he started to teeth

Randuwa said...

Love it!

Dean Grey said...

Mitchell is Moving!

It would look AWESOME life-size, Mitch!


Perdita Marsh!

Yes it does!



Good points. Probably for a baby then.



Your comment makes me wonder if some child was slobbering on it then!



Me too, Randy!


Thanks to all of you for chiming in on this!


M said...

I feel I need to send you a comment once in awhile or I feel like a really creepy stalker. I love your art and just you being you. You are alot of fun and you have great friends you are trully blessed

Keep on Keeping on..

Mind Of Mine said...

I am pretty sure I had something like as a child.

Dean, can you take a picture of your little collection of colourful objects.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for that!


Mind Of Mine!

Ian, well most of my collection has already been posted on my blog at some point or another, especially the more recent posts.

One of these days I'll have to group it all together for a photo shoot!


I appreciate you both dropping by!