Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anxiety into color.

Nervous, excited, frustrated, hopeful.

Those feelings as colors mix frantically, wildly, forming into a quiet yet powerful force.....

Pen and ink in Moleskine journal - (NFS)

Could be the start of something new. Could be nothing at all.

Are you confused by all of this? I know I am.


It's too soon to tell but right now I'm anticipating the possibilities.

We shall see.....


Mind Of Mine said...

That picture reminds me of the picture art you sent me in the mail. It is still one of my most treasured possessions.

I am excited/intrigued by what this post means.

naturgesetz said...

If it is the start of something, I hope it's something good.

Rebecca said...

i love that you put color to feelings beautiful hope all is well with you

JuJu said...

This pleasantly reminds me of a Spirograph picture. Are you too young to know what that is? :-)

bK said...

That's so neat! I can't tell where one colour leaves off and another begins, and all the lines fit perfectly into the heart shape!

Dean Grey said...

Mind Of Mine!

It makes me smile that you still have the Mail Art I sent you, Ian!



Yes, let's hope it's the start of something good, no...wonderful!



Thanks girl!



Haha, I know exactly what a spirograph is and didn't see the similarity until now!



Glad you like it, Brody! The colorful lines are meant to be forming into a heart. Like new love is being born again.


I appreciate everyone's feedback on this!


Unknown said...

I love it! Putting color on paper can take away the stress and anxiety. I experienced that at The Painting Experience workshop that I attended a few months ago. I began full of overwhelming anxiety and ended five days later filled with peace that has remained. Color on paper can be therapeutic.

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Marty said...

I love that drawing <3

Also, hoping it turns into something wonderful for you :-)

Dean Grey said...


I checked out your link. Best of luck with the book project!





Thanks to both of you ladies!


Ezen said...

Bumped into your blog and just wanted to drop in and say that this is beautiful :)

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that!

So glad you found me!