Sunday, September 2, 2012


I went to the grocery store to buy a frozen dinner and walked out with two-dozen carnations instead.

Funny how that works.

But I couldn't pass these beauties up.

They're like little pillows of color. Reds, peaches, burgundies, lime greens, and whites. And the two-tone yellow-pink blooms are the star of the show!

Plus carnations last a long time as a cut flower so I'll easily enjoy these for a good week or two.

Just wanted to share these with my faithful readers!

I'll be working tomorrow but Happy Labor Day to all of you!


Unknown said...

I'm working today too, and your carnations are gorgeous! Perhaps I'll get some when I go to buy milk after work :)

naturgesetz said...

I agree: the two tone yellow-pinks are the best of all. IMO the runner-up is the one in the center — white with red lines. Thanks for sharing.

stanw said...

"Little pillows of color." I like that description. Even tho' you will be working I still want to give you a shout out - Happy Labor Day, Dean - :)

Moving with Mitchell said...

Joyful. And you're right about the two-tone yellow-pinks!

Rebecca said...

wow beautiful wonder if i show this to hubby i can get him to buy me some

Dean Grey said...





I love the white with the burgundy lines too!



Thank you, sir!



"Joyful" pretty much sums it all up!



All husbands should buy their wives flowers...if they know what's good for them!


I appreciate all of you stopping by!