Sunday, September 23, 2012

Butterfly in half.

The backside was covered with footprints but its shape was still recognizable for being ripped in two.

While walking from work this afternoon, I found this paper butterfly in the middle of the sidewalk. Specifically, just one of its wings (I looked but didn't see the other half).

Love the black glitter lining the edge!

From the wrinkles, it appears to have been paper heavily glued to cardstock.

Though it was torn, trampled on, and discarded, it still managed to sparkle. A good philosophy for life.

I took the wing home as a tangible reminder that you can still shine even when incomplete.


naturgesetz said...

You are so observant, and you certainly have derived a good insight from an object that most people would simply pass without a thought.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The photo itself is a beautiful piece of art.

Michelle said...

As always, I love your knack for spotting things like this, and love even more your observations and care in reclaiming something discarded as a symbol of your own.

Maria said...

I know someone who only works with things she finds on the streets. Some of her artwork is quite brilliant.

stanw said...

A life lesson observed in something torn and trampled, yet sparkling nonetheless!

You shine my friend! <3

JuJu said...

Is it my imagination, or are you feeling better/happier/stronger these days??

Rebecca said...

what a beautiful thought you inspire me with your words XOXO
Come Say HI

Theresa (your former student employee!) said...

Good way to look at life! Helps me too because I almost feel like I'm going nowhere. o__O

Mind Of Mine said...

Hi Dean.

I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I really hope your well, I am glad you found the positive in this picture, thats a big step, something you would have been difficult for you, I think so anyway.

Good for you.

Dean Grey said...


How could I not notice something with glitter on it!



Why thank you, good sir!






I'd love to see some of her work. Feel free to e-mail a link to her site if she has one.






Your question made me stop and think. I'm not sure how to answer it though.

Have things gotten better? Perhaps and yet I'm still stuck.

The depression isn't always as evident when I'm keeping busy--and working so much has eaten up all my free time. I just don't have time to draw/paint, let alone cry.



Thanks for that, girl!



You still have time. Don't give up yet! As a recent graduate, it's natural for you to feel out-of-sorts when trying to enter the job market.

Keep looking and hang in there!

I believe in YOU!!


Mind Of Mine!

I've been thinking about you as well, Ian!

And I hope you're doing well too!


Everyone's comments are greatly appreciated!


Unknown said...

Dean you make me wonder if god runs a happy mellow music for you in the background in your world all the time :)
Inspiring words my friend. Makes me not want to hate my broken-but-still-running laptop today:)

Dean Grey said...


Lol, I think most of the time my soundtrack would be more somber and brooding.

I'm not always this optimistic.