Thursday, September 20, 2012

A year already!

When I'm feeling shitty, worn out, and want to cry at the end of the night, I can look back and say at least I had a good day at work and that always helps.

Today marks one year of working at my university job!

Close-up of our shared workspace!

Everyone in my department has been great to me and my student workers continue to be a big help. They make the night shift fun!

I'm so grateful for all of it. If only the position could be full-time.

Even though it's not art-related, it's a good, dependable, and relatively relaxed job. And being around so many students, I can't help but feed off their hyper, almost limitless energy.

I'm the first person students see when they enter and the last when they exit so I make it a point to greet them and say goodbye as they come and go. That alone has helped me when trying to be more social. I interact with so many people there!

I feel like I've grown into the role, learned a thing or two about being a supervisor, and that I'm in an environment that suits me well.

So as I head off to work today, I'll remind myself that I'm blessed to have this job.

Happy (part-time university job) Anniversary to me!


naturgesetz said...

Happy Anniversary, indeed!

I'm glad the job is giving you such positive daily experience. It'll be a real bonus if it leads to something even better. I hope it will. Meanwhile, continue to enjoy everything that is good about it.


Rebecca said...

glad to see your part time job makes you happy sending light and love

Ken Riches said...

Congrats, great attitude!

stanw said...

Happy Anniversary, Dean. Sounds like you really like it there, you are blessed indeed. Learning to stretch yourself is a plus as well. I like the limitless energy that I see in my fellow employees as well, at least for the majority of them. I am going to miss them when I finally decide to retire.

Take good care, cheering for you!

Unknown said...

University jobs are the best. I am almost sad I didn't take the time off when I had the chance to interview for the press at my university. It could have been the start of something major. But well, hindsight is 20/20.


Dean Grey said...


I love it there but really need something full-time. Working two part-time jobs is wearing me out!



I appreciate that, girl!



*big grin*



Have you thought about what you'll do once you retire?



Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be for you at that time.


Thank to everyone for stopping by!


Theresa M. (former student worker) :) said...

Omgosh! A year already! Happy anniversary Dean!!! :D

Dean Grey said...


I know, right? Seems like just yesterday that I started there.