Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Buckingham Fountain in the rain


naturgesetz said...

Always impressive.

The lowering clouds in the background add an interesting element, as does the softening and blurring of the buildings by the rain.

stanw said...

Your picture sure shows the enormity of the Fountain, what a sight especially with the overcast sky blanketing the buildings. Great pic, Dean!

jason said...


Dean Grey said...


What caught my eye was the spray from the fountain looked so white against the dark gray sky.

It's certainly not one of my best pics but I thought it looked very dramatic and theatrical and had to capture it!



t rained earlier in the week so I wanted to walk around the city in between jobs. It was heaven, especially after the intense heat and sun we've had here in Chicago.

I walked near the lakefront and just watched the rain softly pelt the lake.






I always appreciate you three gentlemen stopping by!