Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dean Facts!

Oh you knew it was coming from the title of this post.

Little bits of info from the world of Dean. 

Things you never knew about me...until now!

It's that time again. Time for "Dean Facts!"

Here. We. Go!

  • As a child, I had a goldfish named Ryan that lived for three years. One day I was feeling lazy and didn't change his water...he died later that night! Ugh! I still feel guilty about that.

  • As soon as I change my blog profile picture I immediately want to change it again.

  • I grew up in a violent home and there's still reminders of it in that house.

  • My lunch periods as a sophomore and junior in high school were spent in the school library due to not having any friends. I was resourceful enough to forge the teacher's signature on the library pass every day for two years without anyone knowing.

  • I consider my drawing room sacred and NEVER eat in that space, only drinking water while I work in there.

  • Whenever I bake, I always alter the recipe in some way to make it my own.

  • In 7th and 8th grade, I'd cry myself to sleep every night while listening to Queen on my headphones.

  • Not only do I organize my money by denomination but within each denomination I sort every bill by its condition. (OCD, anyone?).

Hopefully that explains a thing or two about myself. If not, there's always next time!

See you all then!


TayloreJazmine said...

I too spent my entire grade 12 year eating lunch by myself, I literally had no friends. People were so mean.
I feel your pain.

Moving with Mitchell said...

It's amazing how these little ditties can explain so much about a person. I do the same thing with my paper money. But, my mother is even worse. She actually folds each denomination in a different configuration and then separates them to different quadrants of her wallet! When I bake (as if) I would never alter a recipe! Very dangerous thing for me to do. When you were a child, I had a nephew named Ryan. We always changed his water. He's now 36. STOP feeling guilty. YOUR Ryan would be dead by now whether or not you changed his water!

I do love the Dean Facts. Keep them coming!

Marty said...

My lunch periods during most of college were spent in a deserted wing of the library doing homework for that very same reason of not having any friends. Oh, and the cafeteria was terrifying, being so overwhelmingly full of people and all, which made grabbing a brown bag all that much more appealing.

Maggie said...

i'll organize my my money by condition because i always want to keep the nicer ones just a little bit longer. however, i hate brand new bills. i don't really know why; something about the texture...

Dean Grey said...


(((HUGS))) to you!


Mitchell is Moving!

Mitch, your mother folds her money and separates the bills into different quadrants of her wallet?

I gasped when I read that then thought I should try it myself! LOL



Yes, school cafeterias can be intimidating!



I'm so agreeing with you!

I like to get rid of the junkier bills first but sometimes the new ones are just a touch too new!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


Rebecca said...

I lived in the library it was my escape from reality and thank god no one ever questioned it and OMG love Queen they were brilliant

Dean Grey said...


Where would we be without libraries...or Queen!


sMacThoughts said...

Like many others here, I spent a whole year, and chunks of many other years in the library during lunch time. I SO know this pain.

Sorry about the violent home. So sad and wrong.

Hilarious, (I laughed out loud) about your money organization.

Dean Grey said...


The bright side to that story was during my senior year in high school, the library was closed off during the start of the new school year. I wasn't able "hide" in the library and was forced to eat lunch in the cafeteria!

But I ended up sitting next to one of my former grade school classmates and her friend during lunch period and we became good friends that last year in high school!

Funny how that all worked out.