Friday, July 27, 2012

Reconnecting with Seattle.....

What would I do if the feelings I had when I first visited were no longer there?

When I got off the plane last Monday and made it downtown, there was a disconnect with the city.

How strange to be back at the piers overlooking Puget Sound. I wasn't sure I'd ever see it again. So why were there no emotions?

Perhaps it's because I was so stressed--so focused on the interview.

The interview itself went okay but I'm sure I could've done better.

I was told out of the 60 applicants, only 8 were chosen to be interviewed (one of them being me). But out of those eight that three were internal candidates.

I'd imagine they'd hire from within first, right?

At least I can look back and say I tried. All I can do now is wait.

I was only in Seattle about a day-and-a-half this time around and it was very much a business trip. I went on the interview, looked for apartments, and maybe most importantly, met a couple contacts in hopes they might become friends should I move there.

A charcoal sketch I found abandoned at the piers!

Before catching my flight home Tuesday evening, I needed to see the waterfront one last time.

Back to the piers with Mount Rainier in the distance...right where I started.

In that moment I did NOT want to go and started to cry.

"God let them pick me," I said with quivering lips. "Let me come back."

And the emotions and the connectedness were there again.

One day I'll be back in Seattle--I'm sure of it--but hopefully as a resident and not a tourist.

Time will tell.


Michelle said...

Wow--being one of eight out of SIXTY applicants is fantastic! Good for you. Good for them if they choose you.

I've never known anyone who can find lost art the way you do. What a gift!

Good luck, and peaceful waiting to you!

Randuwa said...

Whatever the outcome, you DID IT! And I'm proud of you for taking the initiative. You have set your heart in motion and things will find a way to bring it fulfillment, you just wait and see! I know you will call Seattle home.

Ken Riches said...

Hoping you get positive news.

Mike said...

:::Fingers crossed:::

mel said...

I hope they pick you

Rebecca said...

good luck my friend sending positive thoughts your way


Dean Grey said...


I love finding lost art!



I did it, Randy!



Me too!



Thank you!






Thanks for that, girl!


Everyone's support is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

You should go even if they don't make an offer. Being there will make it easier to find a job there. It is a good time to go. Make it an adventure. It is the season for change. Our friend did it and is finally at peace. Its your turn. Don't hold yourself back. Now excuse me while I find my tux.

Dean Grey said...


This is simply not true.

I've been applying to positions here in Chicago for the past several years and haven't gotten anything except for my current jobs...and I live in Chicago!

From what others have told me, Seattle's job market isn't much better.

Also, keep in mind Seattle's cost of living is much higher than Chicago's. I did my research.

So no, I won't be moving out there until I have a job lined up first. It would be foolish and dangerous to do so otherwise.

(And I'd prefer to talk to you directly instead of always through my blog comments).


Anonymous said...

Too bad there isn’t a position called "arguing technician" – you’d make a fortune lol.
He is right, it would be easier to be there than applying long distance and traveling for interviews, and you could enjoy the city while there – get more familiar with it, make contacts. The move wouldn’t have to be permanent. You wouldn’t instantly get a job simply by being a resident of course, but you would be able to be more aggressive in applying. I am sure you did do your research. Foolish – nothing ventured nothing gained.

naturgesetz said...

I was away when you posted this and just now saw it. Here's hoping you get the job.

I think your different feelings when you arrived this time may be partly because it wasn't new to you as it was the first time. Of course, the tension of the interview was doubtless a factor too, as you said.

Good luck and God bless.

Dean Grey said...


If you're going to put me down at least use your real name please.

While I appreciate your suggestions, you don't have all the facts. I do not have the best work history. I may have job experience in a very specific field but that won't get me far.

Sure I can move out to Seattle and work three dead-end, part-time jobs to pay my rent, but I won't be happy there then because I'll be working all the time at places I don't want to be and always struggling to make ends meet.

What will I do when I run out of money? Become homeless? I'll have nowhere left to go.

And once I leave Chicago I won't be able to come back. There just aren't that many openings here.

You know how hard it was to get my university job?

Within a two-year period I applied to over 60 entry-level positions with this particular college, went on four separate interviews with different departments before finally getting the job I have now (which I may be losing next quarter).

I need a GOOD, full-time job with health insurance, so I can live on my own and not have to worry about getting sick or suddenly having to go to the hospital.

So go on and tell me I'm foolish. At least I tried and am trying.



I think you're right about the newness being gone and the tension of the interview getting in the way.


Thanks to the pair of you!