Sunday, July 29, 2012

Putting a smile on someone's face.

I deserve it. I want them. And I don't have anyone to buy them for me, God dammit!


Now that I got that off my chest.....

No matter how pathetic, depressing, and redundant it sounds, I'll continue buying myself flowers until I meet the most wonderful man that will want to buy them for me.

This time around, I chose simple daisies in bright, FUN colors.

The blues and purples look a bit artificial and "loud" but that's part of their charm.

As I carried the bouquet down the street, a passerby commented, "You're going to put a smile on someone's face."

He's right about that. Mine!


Mike said...

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself first before anyone else.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The daisy colors are a joy! Now people all over are going to be looking for seeds! ("I'd like to grow my own blue, magenta, and purple daisies, please.")

I had a friend who grew up in LA and spent the first 50 years of her life believing her favorite flower was the "red tiger lily." She went to buy some for me for my 40th birthday and there were none in the store. The florist said, "Oh, I can make some for you in no time." She took out the can of spray and my friend was devastated!

Rebecca said...

aw i'd buy you flowers just to see you smile

Dean Grey said...




Mitchell is Moving!

LOL, I'll take my tiger lilies in deep green please!



That's sweet of you to say!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


naturgesetz said...

Those flowers put a smile on my face, too.

Randuwa said...

Dean, Sometimes I hate this medium. It's so superficial, no wonder you feel isolated at times. I would send you flowers without strings, but I have no way to actualize that act of connectedness. Do you ever wonder at how limited expressing such profound feelings are on a "blog"? How frustrating it is for those of us who choose to respond?

Dean Grey said...





I never thought about the limits of expressing feelings through a blog until you mentioned it, Randy!

I don't think of it as a limitation but rather a tether tied to something deeper. Without this blog, I'd have no form of expression at all and would just die.

I'm sorry my posts can be frustrating at times for you the reader. That was never my intention.


I'm always delighted to see you two gentlemen here!


Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to be happy in life with a negative attitude. Maybe your blog just shows that side of you and you really are not so negative as your writing suggests. Perhaps you need to focus with that aspect of your life right now? If ones head is buried in the sand, he/she often misses the opportunities sought for.

Dean Grey said...


Wouldn't you be negative too if you weren't where you wanted to be in life? I think my reactions are actually pretty normal given the circumstances.

And I've been told by my coworkers that I appear "happy". I'm pretty good at hiding the depression from them.

Not sure what the answer is here though.