Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost mine.

I wanted to take it home as soon as I laid eyes upon it.

Some things aren't meant to be though.

While walking to work two weeks ago, I spotted this.....

Random street art!

It was a small wooden plaque bolted to a street sign.

An Asian-inspired motif carefully painted then varnished.

Close-up detail

Surely it would've gotten damaged by the elements over time or by some vandals or taken down by the city...and I wanted it for myself. Not only because I actually noticed it but to preserve it as well.

But the creator of this piece was clever enough to bend the bolt in the back just enough so it couldn't be unscrewed (I tried...several times).

So I let it be--that it may live out its life in the public eye as was intended.

Sure enough, as I walked to work yesterday, this wooden plaque was dangling from the street sign, cut right in half...either by the city or some ne'er-do-well.


It was sad to see it gone so soon but street art runs the risk of being removed--one way or another.

What survived was loosely hooked onto the bolt and I gently plucked it off and took the remaining half home...if anything as a reminder of what was almost mine.


david said...

did you look around the area for the other 1/2?
dude.. you look amazing handsome with the goatee..

~ cheers..

naturgesetz said...

This differs from most, if not all, street art shown in the wiki article in that it was not painted directly on something that was already there, such as a wall.

It's very sad that it was vandalized. I doubt that the city did it. They'd have removed the whole thing.

The piece was intriguing, and I'm glad you were able to rescue a part of it, as well as to preserve the whole thing in your photographs. I wonder what the artist had in mind. Why did s/he choose to display the piece there?

JuJu said...

I think it's even more interesting only having half of it!

I'd like to think that another person is out there with the first half and you two are destined to meet!

Rebecca said...

it's awful when things of beauty are destroyed

Anonymous said...

maybe a truck mirror hit it?

Dean Grey said...


I looked everywhere for the other half!

And thanks for the compliments on the goatee.


It's already been shaved off but I always grow it back from time to time.



It's definitely "street art". The examples shown in the link don't include all types, just the most common.

After all, it was placed outside, attached to city property. The only real difference was that it was stuck to a sign post instead of on a wall somewhere.

I think the artist simply wanted people to see art while walking down the street. To share their talents with the public.



"I'd like to think that another person is out there with the first half and you two are destined to meet!"

LOL, anything is possible!






It was too far removed from the curb for that to happen.

Someone chopped it in half somehow.


Thanks for everyone's feedback on this unique work of art!