Saturday, July 21, 2012

A chance.

Chance n. A favorable set of circumstances; a possibility; an opportunity.

I was scared to accept it. It would've been so easy to decline their offer.

The distance, the short-notice, finding accommodations and someone to cover my shifts at work. But I did not want fear to hold me back so I said YES!

Ever since my visit to Seattle in May, I've been applying to places out there.

Well, I was offered a job interview in Seattle next week and it's the same city department I worked at for five years here in Chicago!

I definitely have the experience and know I can grow into the role.

The only catch is this department is unionized--the exact union I belonged to when working for the city of Chicago (before being laid off).

I know they pick candidates based on seniority first, then by qualifications. And since I've never worked in Seattle before, I'll be going in from scratch.

But I must try!

After all, they saw something in my resume to call me out-of-state to compete against those already working for them, right?

Whether or not I get the job, at least I'll get to see Seattle again.

And perhaps most importantly, they've given me some hope...they've given me a chance.


naturgesetz said...


This really is great news.

Can your union time in Chi-town give you any seniority in Seattle? Maybe not, but having been in the union can't hurt.

I'm a bit surprised that seniority trumps qualifications. When I was with the feds, if applicants were equally qualified, seniority broke the tie.

There may also be a distinction between hire-from-outside and hire-from-within positions. If they are treating it as an entry position, you may not need seniority at all.

Well, anyway, I'm delighted that they want to interview you, and I hope you get the job — even if it means I'll never get to take you to a Cubs game. ;)

Marty said...

Good luck!! I hope you get it, and can move on to a whole new part of your life :-)

Joey said...

They would be foolish NOT to give you a shot. You deserve it! Best of luck, and keep us posted!

Secretly, I am jealous. I want out of my current town/state. I would give anything to move to a city such as Seattle. Argh!

Sarah said...

Dean, I'm so glad you said YES!

Randomly, I have a few Chi-based friends who've been dying to move to Seattle, and try as they might, they haven't been able to snag any interviews in the Pacific Northwest. So your invitation is indeed a big deal. These guys must really be interested in you!

Good luck! And enjoy your trip.

Dean Grey said...


I don't think my time working for Chicago counts towards any seniority in Seattle.

And you're right about seniority being a tie-breaker. That's kind of what I meant.

If a couple of us score about the same on the interview, wouldn't the one that's actually working for them get the job over me? I would think so.

And no Cubs game for me, thank you very much. Who wants to watch a losing team!



Keep your fingers crossed for me, girl!



I'm so happy to see you here on my blog!

We both will be free when the time is right.



Yeah, I know the jobs are few and far between out there. If I don't get this one, then I may never get to Seattle.


Everyone's supportive comments are very much appreciated!


Randuwa said...


Every time a door opens walking through it transforms your (my) life. I love that you will be walking through this door. No matter what happens your life will have moved in an appreciable way forward. It could move in a path that includes this job, or it could lead to a chance encounter that will open a better door. I feel a little tingly inside just imagining all the possibilities. You are amazing. You are talented. Your art blesses my life every single day. I only see good things in your future. I will always believe in you, and I will in humility believe for you on those days when you struggle. Now go forth and discover your future!

Mike said...

That's awesome!!! Good luck!!!

stanw said...

That is great Dean, sure am cheering for you as you go for this interview and further trip to Seattle. Fingers crossed, eyes crossed and praying!

Nicholas said...

That's great news! And if you are out here, you'll be closer to me! Maybe we can actually see each other before we die. :P

Dean Grey said...


Thank you for believing in me, Randy!






I appreciate it, sir!





Thanks to all of you gentlemen for stopping by!


Ken Riches said...

Best of luck!!

The girl of the sun said...

My congratulations! At least you can think of this opportunity as of a lucky play of fortune! She knows you want to visit Seattle, happy for you!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Great news! If not this one, obviously there are opportunities for you. But it's going to be this one!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,
I work in HR in one of the Departments of the City of Seattle. I don't think you applied to my department since I havene't seen your name come through. Just wanted to let you know that I've hired quite a few unionized candidates from out of state and am not aware that seniority ever played a part in the hiring decision.
In this competitive job market, being invited for an interview is extremely good news.
Good for you!
Best of luck!
I've followed your blog for some time, but don't comment often.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see you visit in NY. But I sense that good things will happen in Seattle. You will have to post the adventure. Ron

jason said...

my fingers are crossed for you too!
Good luck.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!


The girl of the sun!



Mitchell is Moving!

You're right, Mitch. If not this one, there will be other openings in the future...I hope!



But that's the thing, I'm no longer part of the union here in Chicago.

Wouldn't Seattle hire from within first over an outsider from another state?

I know my former city job did that as most of the people working there advanced up from lesser positions.


Ron (Anonymous)!

I would like to visit NYC one day!





I appreciate everyone's encouragement!