Monday, June 11, 2012

Not creating art...again.

When I graduated from art college 13 years ago I'd draw or paint every day. That was probably one of the most productive time periods of my life.

Now it's become nothing more than a hobby, creating art when I have the time or when the urge hits, which isn't very often.

It's sad to see that part of my life slowly disappear, for without my art what am I? I am scared to answer that.

But sometimes--a lot of the times--life gets in the way.

I've been clashing with my store manager lately at the crafts store I work at, it's been HOT these past few days in Chicago, and I'm feeling quite tired and down.

So forgive me once more, dear blog readers for I have nothing to show you. 

Or perhaps I should be apologizing to myself--for not creating art...again.


Anonymous said...

You always find your way back. Relax. Maybe you needed a break. Create an art journal page to express this. (Yes, that's a challenge.)

Ken Riches said...

What are your waiting for?

Hollie said...

No need to apologise to us Dean. We are here to support you- I think you and me both are quick to put the pressure on ourselves. Think of all the beautiful colours the sun brings out! Take care mr!

Rob said...

It's always tough when your passions seem to erode. I was all about music in high school and college but after graduation it fell by the wayside. You can find it again though. I joined a community band 8 years ago and found my joy in performance again. I know there are art groups out there (I've worked with a few for a festival I managed) so perhaps this is just a hiatus for you.

Dean Grey said...


I hope I do find my way back...



Motivation and desire and energy. Without those, I'm pretty much stuck.



I appreciate your support, girl!



It's not dead just yet but it certainly isn't what it once was either.


Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!


Randuwa said...

It will happen. I believe in you.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you for believing in me, Randy!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog, but haven't looked at it in awhile.
Even though this post is kind of "old news" I wanted to offer a comment.
Are you aware of the book "The Artist's Way"?
Check it out. It's very encouraging and inspiring and the exercises are pretty fun. Better still, it least it helped get me out of a creative slump a few years back.
It also helped me to realize that the most important (and often hardest)thing for your work is showing up...even (especially) when you don't feel like it. It can be an ordeal at first, but creativity builds on itself and momentum does eventually start to take over.
Anyhow, good luck!

P.S. As a long-time Seattle-ite I can tell you that Seattle summers are awsome.

Dean Grey said...


I believe I have read that book, yes.

In fact, I've read a number of creative self-help books but none of them seemed to work for me.

I'd love to know more about Seattle from someone that actually lives there. Please e-mail me and say hello if you haven't done so already.