Sunday, June 3, 2012

Justin Bieber and coffee!

I imagine it was a teenage couple in a heated argument...driving after a late night of drunken partying.

In a fit of rage the boyfriend throws his girlfriend's music collection out the car window.

"Take that, bee-yotch!" Her CDs sparkling through the air like stars before hitting the pavement.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

That or the music just sucked and someone left it by the road for pigeons to poop on.

While walking to work the other day, I saw a handful of broken CDs near the curb and sidewalk along Roosevelt Road. But one, although dinged and dented, was still intact--Justin Bieber's "My World 2.0" CD!

I'm not particularly into his music (although "like, baby, baby, baby, oooooh" is kind of catchy) but finding free music was too much of a thrill so I took the dirt-covered CD home and cleaned it.

Now I have some new jams to listen to while I draw and paint!

And while walking on the EXACT same street the very next day, I spotted a black coffee mug resting along the Roosevelt Road bridge. A shiny, new mug just sitting there. Madness!

Surely the vibrations from oncoming traffic would've sent it falling and I couldn't leave it to get broken. The crazy in me couldn't resist. I dumped out the liquid and took the coffee cup home too!

I disinfected the mug three times but doubt I'll drink out of it. Maybe it'd make a cool holder for my pencils and paintbrushes though?

You're all mine now!

Two unique items in one week!

The things one finds while working in the city!


Marty said...

I live in the town that also houses the University of Colorado, and every May is prime free-stuff-collection time, as all the students moving out of the dorms just pile stuff they can't take everywhere! I'm pretty sure I could have furnished an entire house with what I saw this year, if I wasn't so picky about things like using couches and mattresses from the side of the road.

Michelle said...

Free stuff--you can't beat it! I love the reflection of the cd in the mug. :)

Rebecca said...

my husband does that brings things home from work when cleaning around fraternity houses and stuff. he does landscape work and has found cool things I even got a gold bracelet out of it once. awesome find and maybe you could paint something really cool on the cup and use it like you said to hold pencils or something.

JuJu said...

Justin Bieber. Good gravy. I am loving your story of how it got there. I'm sure it involved high pitched voices and strong emotions.

I can't wait to hear what you find next!

Mind Of Mine said...

Something you should look out for, is playing cards. Once you spot one, you will see them everywhere.

Enele said...

Perhaps someone knows that you're walking there every day and arrange these things just for you to pick up and watches you through a bush or so - okay, well, i don't hope so, that sounds creepy!! :D
Anyway, this story is special, it could be a great part of a book! ;)

Dean Grey said...


Wow, what you described sounds like a free garage sale!



I liked the reflection too! I wanted the shot to look interesting and am glad you noticed!



I ended up giving the mug to someone who LOVES coffee (but made sure to clean it out/disinfect it thoroughly several times first).



I listened to the CD twice already. LOL


Mind Of Mine!

Oh, I never heard that before, Ian!

I'll let you know should I find any playing cards.



Hmmm, someone's planting these items to see if they'll get taken?

That's certainly possible!


Thanks to everyone that chimed in here!


n.lea. said...

You could always but a bit of fish tank pebbles in it and then some dirt and plant a pretty flowering plant friend in the cup.

Dean Grey said...


It would make an awesome little planter, wouldn't it, Nikki!