Saturday, June 30, 2012

Does anything ever stay the same?

"Arms around my body
Kisses on my skin
I walk away 
I walk away 
But he lingers 

Maybe it should matter 
More to be myself 
I walk away 
I walk away 
But he lingers

And everyone says 
This love will change you 
Well I ask, does anything ever stay the same
No, no, no
Just same changes."

They've been playing this song a lot lately at the arts-and-crafts store I work at.

I've never heard of it before until work.

Something about the lyrics get me every time.

Whenever it comes on the overhead speakers, I duck behind a quiet aisle and listen to it...because I don't want anyone to see me tearing up.

I feel like I lost so much recently. Like nothing worth having ever lasts. Always slipping through my fingers.


"And everyone says
This love will change you
Well I ask, isn’t that what love’s supposed to do
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s same changes."


Rebecca said...

what a pretty song i've never heard before but i love it going to go download. Sending you lots of hugs hope things start to get better for you sweetie you deserve all the happiness in the world. XOXO

Marky said...

You're not alone. Find whatever makes you happy and hold on tight to that. If it be your writing, art, or whatever, know that you're not alone and most everyone else is feeling the same thing as you. Hold on to the good times and flush the bad times away!

Anonymous said...

Have you watched the movie... No well its a song about changes for the better, not looking at the past and whining about it.

naturgesetz said...

I certainly understand why this song can bring you to tears. Change is the only constant of life. Some things don't change much, like the love of a parent for a child, but even that develops in time. Certainly, you've had to deal with some very unwelcome changes, as you say.

Here's hoping that some of the changes which the future brings will be much more welcome than the ones you've had recently.

Dean Grey said...


I need those hugs bad right now!



The problem is I'm not having very many good times, if at all.

I hold onto my art and writing as best I can but work and life take so much of that from me.



Thank you for whining about me whining. LOL

No, I haven't seen Morning Glory yet.

And when I listen to the song, I get the impression that she's questioning not only if love will really change her but if it'll last.

Maybe I'm interpreting it wrong.

*shrugs shoulders*



Here's to hoping for some GOOD changes soon!


I appreciate everyone commenting here!


elsie said...

Dean-,I have accumulatedvan entire playlist of songs that make my heart ache over lost love- even love lost oh so long ago your fierce commitment to honesty on your blog always inspires me!

Dean Grey said...


What is it about sad love songs that gets us every time?



Randuwa said...

It does make you feel like your floating, just floating ...

Dean Grey said...