Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burn out already!

I feel like I'm slowly being cooked from the inside out.

It starts in the pit of my stomach and spreads to my tingling skin.

I'm left feeling drained, nauseous, and irritable.

What's the cause, you ask?


The culprit!

We've had a string of mid-90's last week, continuing through this week as well.

Today may mark the first day of summer but the hot weather came early this year in Chicago and I'm NOT pleased.

I hate, Hate, HATE the sun, heat, and humidity!!

But that devil star won't be touching this skin!

I've become an expert at finding shady spots while walking to work and spend the majority of the time hiding indoors.

To make matters worse, I keep comparing the forecast with that of Seattle's.

It's supposed to be 95 and sunny here in the Windy City later today but in the low 70's and cloudy over there.

*defeated sigh*

Come this time next year, I better not still be living here!

Must. Get. Back. To. Seattle!


naturgesetz said...

I like hot weather, but I don't really enjoy being in the direct sunlight when it's really hot.

Here's hoping that you can get a good job in Seattle (even though it will basically kill my fantasy of hopping on a plane some day and going to visit you to cheer you up).

R. Burnett Baker said...

Dean, maybe you're a vampire.

Unknown said...

I am feeling your pain Dean!! Living here in Louisiana is the pit for people who are not worshippers of the sun! I'm headed to Florida next week, where I will be hiding under the cabana while on the beach with family, or chilling in the condo while everyone hits the sand! I'm much more excited about the shopping and 10 days of work-free time to read some great books!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love the sun... but can get tired of extreme heat. We are coming into a heat wave here. It's supposed to start at around 103 Sunday and then work its way up to 108... through Wednesday. I need a beach. But I do NOT need the Emerald City.

Marty said...

The sun is out?? NOOOOOOO!!!

Dean Grey said...


You could always visit me if I moved to Seattle too, silly.


R. Burnett Baker!

Only if I get to have cool vampire powers, Rick!



Enjoy your trip to Florida, girl!


Mitchell is Moving!

103 and 108?!?!

I don't even want to imagine what that's like, Mitch.



Unfortunately so!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!