Friday, May 25, 2012

Taken by Seattle.....

When I got off the plane I was a bit panicked and frightened. Normal for being somewhere new and not knowing anyone or my way around. But the beauty and feeling of this place instantly took away the fear.

It was gray skies and cool and from the green hills it looked like rain at any moment. PERFECT for me. And my God, there were mountains in the distance. Mountains!

I only visited Seattle for 5 days/4 nights but it felt much longer...and that's a wonderful thing.

On those lovely days when it rained and rained, something stirred within I was meant to be there, or perhaps, was a Seattleite in another life.

I think I could be quite happy there...I KNOW I could...and it makes me very sad that I might not get the chance to live there.

It was a place connected to nature. So many trees, lush gardens, and green spaces. On the outskirts of town, house after house outdid the other in terms of their landscaping. Poppies and azalea blooms as big as your hand.

I walked and walked and walked in every direction, exploring downtown and all the surrounding areas. An adventure for sure. Visiting Seattle was one of the best decisions I've made. There was something so right about that city.

On my last night I went down to the waterfront, a view that could rival Chicago's. From the piers I cried for the longest time, the sun setting over the lake and mountains. The thought of never seeing it again was too much to bear.

I wish I never left.....

I returned home earlier this week and miss Seattle already. Terribly so.

What am I going to do without you?

If God is kind, He'll help me find a way back stay.


naturgesetz said...

I'm glad you liked Seattle so much. It would be nice if we could offer you as much cloudy and rainy weather, because I think we have enough beauty, (maybe no mountains so close to the shore) and it'd be nice to have you living around here. But it;s really good that you found a place you like so much, and I do hope you'll find a way to live there.

I don't know how somebody goes about looking for a job in another city (other than getting the city's paper and scanning want ads), but there has to be something that works. Maybe there are employment opportunities on city or Chamber of Commerce websites. Maybe university websites would be worth checking out, since your better job seems to be the one at the university.

Good luck!

Randuwa said...

Kindness is in your hands, my sweet friend. I love your post and look forward to more pics. If seattle is where you need to be, then go. GO!

Ken Riches said...

As Nike Says: Just Do It!

ricola said...


JuJu said...

You can go. Just do it. You are a gifted man and can find your way out there very easily. Your two coworkers did it. You can do it. Now is your chance Dean! Take the leap!!!

Mike said...

I love Seattle myself.

I know you needed the getaway and am glad you got to do it!

Anonymous said...

At an earlier time in life, I was desperate to travel to Cambodia. There was a law against it at that time.

One day I read a book that most people have dreams but only a few are willing to spend 5 minutes a day working on their dream. Those dreams come true.

So, speaking for the readers union, we want you to post about your 5 minutes a day planning to get to Seattle.

And btw, I've been to Cambodia 9 times. :) Ron

Dean Grey said...


I've already started looking at openings from Seattle colleges/universities.

I actually began looking before I even made the trip out there!



I will go, Randy, but it will take time and planning.









Ah yes, but don't forget my two former coworkers still live in Chicago and have family/friends here.

I'd be moving to a whole new city far removed from everyone I've ever known.

I need to prepare a bit more first before making such a big move...not to mention have a job lined up too.



Seattle RULES!


Ron (Anonymous)!

Awesome! So glad you got to see Cambodia so many times.

I think I'll do the same thing. I'll most likely visit Seattle a few times before officially deciding to make the Evergreen State my permanent home.


Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words!


Moving with Mitchell said...

I'm glad you loved it, Dean. I had a feeling you would. It's a magical place -- the city and the surrounding area. I hope you can make it happen!

T.J.Peabody said...

You are such a lovely person to know. Your aura shines through your words. Good luck with whatever decisions you make to get you that further step to happiness.
Brian. (Ireland).

Enele said...

Oh, I just love to read your blog, you really came very close to me - is this odd? I don't know.

I'm very happy that you liked Seattle because I can perfectly imagine how beautiful it's there. I'm very sure that you'll be in Seattle again! ;)

Dean Grey said...


Magical indeed!



Hopefully my love for Seattle shines through this post!



I will be back!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


David said...

Was in Seattle in the summer of 2010 filming a movie (JUDAS KISS). Was there for 3 weeks, got to film and visit around the city (and University of Washington).

It certainly is a beautiful city.

Dean Grey said...


How cool that you got to create while in Seattle.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Dean - I'm thrilled you went and thrilled you loved Seattle! Maybe in a former life - who knows? But there is NOTHING to say you won't get to live there!!!!! You are so young! Your whole life is waiting for you!

Make a plan, man! My oldest son (33) fell in love with Denver. So he has a plan. Giving himself 7 years. I'll miss him terribly, but will be so happy he's in a place that feels 'right'. Do it, Dean. xoxoxo

Dean Grey said...


Your oldest son is my age!

It sounds wise that he gave himself a time-limit to make his dream a reality.

I'm planning and continuing to do my research on Seattle. I've also been applying to positions there as well, so we shall what happens.