Friday, May 18, 2012

Seattle, here I come!

It was kind of last minute and an impulsive decision.

I'm so nervous yet excited. Excited enough to scream!

I requested time off from my jobs this weekend and will be flying out to Seattle for the first time!


I can't tell you how many times people have asked if I've been there before or told me I should move to Seattle when I mention LOVING rainy weather.

So for the next five days I'm going to see what it's like firsthand.

I don't know a soul there and am a bit afraid but don't want those things to ruin this opportunity. God knows it might be a while before I can take time off again and the future is guaranteed to no one.

So bring on the rain, clouds, and mild temps!

Whether I'm ready or not...Seattle, here I come!


Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh, Seattle is one of my favorite places. I just don't love that much rainy weather -- Seattle Rain Festival, Jan. 1 - Dec. 31...

But what an amazing city (and area). Have a ball. I hope you fall in love with it.

JuJu said...

Good for you Dean!
We just went there a few weeks ago, it was my first trip to the west coast. I LOVED Seattle. I, too, love the rain, and we had sunny weather! What is with that? :-)

Have a ball, can't wait to hear about your trip!

LC said...

My husband is from Seattle and he always says it is really nice. I can't wait to visit myself. Have a safe and fun trip!

naturgesetz said...

Enjoy your mini-vacation. Hopefully Seattle will be dark and damp enough for you.

Boo said...

Haha, that's the spirit, fear keeps us from doing things, confidence moves us forward. Have fun there! ^^

Ken Riches said...

Good for you, have a great time and hope you find a new favorite place, if not a new place...

Randuwa said...

WOW~ I love it! You GO my friend. I am so excited for you. I know you're taking your camera, and I'm sure I speak for others here when I say that we're looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it! Love you.

Kim Rempel said...

Yay!! Go and explore and have a great time!!! Bon Voyage!

jason said...

oh wow! You'll love it. I was out there last year. So beautiful.
Have fun! take pictures! Go to The Capitol Hill area :)

Marty said...

Sounds like a great adventure for you! I hope it goes well :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well. It's a city I never visited although I spent a little time in Portland.


stanw said...

Dean, hope you enjoy your flight and time there. You will enjoy the break and new experience I am sure. Look forward to hearing the details :)

Dean Grey said...

Mitchell is Moving!

I fell in love with Seattle, Mitch!



It was sunny just two out of the five days I was there so I lucked out in terms of getting cool, rainy weather.



Definitely check Seattle out!



It was just the way I like it!



Yeah, I didn't want to NOT see it because I was afraid, so just went for it!



I hope it will be my new place one day.




I took a TON of pictures, Randy, and will be posting them here soon.



Thank you!



I checked out Capitol Hill, both during the day and at night.




An adventure indeed!


Ron (Anonymous)!

It went well!



It felt so good to be away from work and home!


All of your enthusiastic comments are greatly appreciated!


Moving with Mitchell said...

So glad you liked it, Dean. Can't wait to read about your trip.

Dean Grey said...




Unknown said...

I am not positive, but I think your first trip to Seattle overlapped with my last trip to Seatte. My son had moved to Bremerton. I spent the first few nights in the city since he was working. I went to Bremerton for a few days and spent the last night back in Seattle before flying home. I love what I have seen of Seattle and Washington.

Dean Grey said...


Small world!

Maybe we walked past one another on the street and didn't even know it!